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Blueprints of Brilliance

Charting New Territory with the Idea Matrix

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Blueprints of Brilliance: A guide to transforming business challenges into opportunities, fostering innovation, and paving the way for success.
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Blueprints of Brilliance: Charting New Territory with the Idea Matrix delves into transforming business challenges into growth opportunities. It guides readers through identifying core issues, envisioning transformative solutions, and engaging stakeholders effectively. This book empowers with practical tools for innovative problem-solving, fostering a mindset that turns obstacles into steppingstones for success. Ideal for leaders and entrepreneurs, it's a roadmap for navigating the complexities of the business world and crafting a legacy of innovation and impact.

About the Author

Donna Karlin: A transformational force. With 40+ years in coaching psychology, and leadership development, she sparks excellence. Her wisdom empowers industry giants and entrepreneurs, propelling them to heights. A masterful wordsmith, Donna's wit-infused coaching unlocks potential, addressing core challenges. Author, speaker, provocateur—she redefines leadership globally. Her legacy thrives in The Shadow Coaching® method, unearthing dormant power. TED Fellow coach, Harvard Founding Fellow—Donna's unstoppable passion leaves an indelible mark.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction: Beyond the Matrix—Entering a World of Limitless Ideas
  1. The Root of the Matter: Understanding the Core Problem or Opportunity
    1. Visioneering Your Goals
    2. Think or Sink: Your Emotional Stake in the Issue
  2. Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Hidden Causes
    1. Revolutionize Your Thinking
    2. The Heart of the Issue: Why It Matters to You
  3. Breakthrough Boulevard: Paving the Way to Radical Solutions
    1. Unlocking the Art of the Possible
    2. Stakeholder Symphony: Harmonizing Diverse Interests
  4. Flip the Script: Turning Problems into Opportunities
    1. Sky’s the Limit: Redefining Boundaries
    2. In-Spirit: How to Ignite Passionate Engagement
    • Conclusion: Outside the Matrix: Your Path Forward
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About the Author

Donna Karlin