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Anders is an independent advisor, writer and speaker with a broad international experience having worked in various engineering, management and advisory capacities in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America. He has appeared as panelist, moderator and speaker at international and local conferences, served as award juror for the Innovation in Politics Institute and published several books, book chapters and articles on innovation and modern management practices.

Channeling creativity, knowledge and expertise into worthy effort as well as the use of technology to amplify people’s ability to accomplish are things that inspire Anders in his professional work to make good organizations even better. He believes that one of the keys to successful innovation is to find ways of establishing a well-balanced and productive interplay between creativity, expertise and management.

Anders’ intervention, speaking and writing topics in both English and Swedish include strategy, innovation, creativity, expertise, R&D management, organizational learning and knowledge sharing. Anders also has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, its social and ethical implications and its role in shaping the future of work. His thoughts on this and other contemporary topics are shared through the Brainovation® newsletter and podcast.  

A native Swede, Anders currently lives in the city of Gothenburg. When time permits he cultivates his interests in art, history and science, enjoys reading Scandinavian crime novels, trifles as a cartoonist and looks after his small but interesting collections of men’s watches and Chinese snuff bottles.  

Anders is a MSEE graduate from the Chalmers University of Technology and a member of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management. 

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