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Momna Hejmadi
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Dr. Momna V Hejmadi
Director of Studies
Dept. Biology & Biochemistry
University of Bath
United Kingdom
Tel: ++44(0)1225 383129
Fax: ++44(0)1225 386779

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Short Biography

Dr. Hejmadi completed her PhD in radiation oncology, studying the biochemical basis of thermotolerance in murine tumours in vivo. Her postdoctoral research on the anti-tumour effects of novel bioreductive drugs in radio and chemotherapy in murine tumours, has led to the drug currently undergoing Phase II clinical trials. Currently, her research interests are in hypoxia signalling pathways in neuronal and cancer models in vitro. She has been teaching cancer biology to undergraduate students at Bath for the past 10 years and has won several awards for her teaching. She has created novel interactive Flash e-resources on this topic, which will soon be part of a UK HEA Open Educational Resources database.

This e-book is also the recommended textbook for the free online course 'Inside Cancer', available on

Select research publications

1. Wirrig C, Wilbrey A, Tang TT and Hejmadi MV (2010) Nornicotine-based glycation attenuates β-amyloid aggregation and protects SHSY-5Y neuroblastoma cells (manuscript under preparation – to be submitted to J. Neurochemistry)

2. W Wu, S Crennell, M Danson, D Hough, MV Hejmadi (2010) A novel photolyase from a haloarchaeon, Haloferax volcanii, enhances survival against uv-induced DNA damage (manuscript under preparation – to be submitted to J. Molecular Biology)

3. M Batisson, N Strazielle, M Hejmadi, D Thomas,1 J F Ghersi-Egea, J Etienne, F Vandenesch, G Lina. (2006) Toxic shock syndrome toxin1 challenges neuroprotective functions of the choroidal epithelium and induces neurotoxicity. J. Infectious Diseases Aug 1;194(3):341-9.

4. MV Hejmadi, F Dajas-Bailador, SM Barns, B Jones and S Wonnacott (2003) Neuroprotection by nicotine against hypoxia-induced apoptosis in cortical cultures involves activation of multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 24 (3):779-86.

5. MV Hejmadi, NS Delany, S Jagannathan, GCColes & AJ Wolstenholme (2000) L-Glutamate binding sites of parasitic nematodes: an association with ivermectin resistance? Parasitology (120)535 – 545.

6. OP Friery, MV Hejmadi and SR McKeown (1997) DNA damage induced in T50/80 tumour cells following exposure to the bioreductive drug tirapazamine in combination with a single dose of radiation (12Gy). Biochemical Society Transactions, 25, 135S (30% contribution)

7. MV Hejmadi, SR McKeown, OP Friery, IA McIntyre, LH Patterson and DG Hirst (1996) DNA damage following combination of radiation with bioreductive drug AQ4N: possible selective toxicity to oxic & hypoxic tumour cells Br J Cancer, 73, 499-505

8. SR McKeown, OP Friery, IA McIntyre, MV Hejmadi, LH Patterson and DG Hirst (1996) Evidence for therapeutic gain when AQ4N or tirapazamine is combined with radiation British J. Cancer, S39 - S42

9. OP Friery, MV Hejmadi, IA McIntyre, JJA McAleer LH Patterson and SR McKeown (1996) Interaction of the novel drug AQ4N with radiation in BDF mice implanted with the T50/80 tumour Irish J.Med.Sci, 165,4: 310.

10. SR McKeown, MV Hejmadi, IA McIntyre, JJ McAleer, LH Patterson (1995) AQ4N showing bioreductive potential & positive interaction with radiation in vivo. Br J Cancer. 1995 Jul;72(1):76-81. (50% contribution)

11. Sharma M, Srinivasan VT, Singh BB (1993) Longitudinal (T1) and transverse (T2) relaxation times of tissue water protons in mouse developing sarcoma 180-A: effect of hyperthermia. Int J Hyperthermia. 1993 Nov-Dec;9 (6):811-9.

Teaching publications

1. M V Hejmadi (2007) Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching large classes: Development and evaluation of a novel e-resource in cancer biology. Bioscience Education Electronic Journal Vol 9-2 (

2. MV Hejmadi (2008) Mentoring scientific minds through group research projects

3. K. Bullock, Gould G, Hejmadi MV, Lock G (2009) Work Placement Experience: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Higher Education Reseach Development 28 (5), pp. 481-494.

4. Lock, G., Bullock, K., Gould, V., Hejmadi, M.V, (2009). Exploring the Industrial-Placement Experience for Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates. Engineering Education: Journal of the Higher Education Academy, Engineering Subject Centre (4) (1), pp. 42-51.

5. M V Hejmadi (2009) How effective is peer assessment and feedback? An evaluation across diverse teaching activities (Science Learning Teaching Conference, June 16-17, 2009 )

6. M V Hejmadi (2009) Laboratory practicals: Strategies to enhance student learning (Science Learning Teaching Conference, June 16-17, 2009, )

7. M V Hejmadi (2010) Evaluating a Cancer Biology learning package for OER. OER10 Conference, March 22, 2010.


- Mary Tasker Award for Excellence in Teaching 2002
- Innovations in Learning and Teaching Award 2008
- Finalists UK HEA Ed Wood Teaching Awards 2009
- Nominated Times Higher Education ‘Innovations in Teaching’ award 2009

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