Emotional Intelligence Secrets

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Emotional Intelligence Secrets reveals exactly what you need to develop your #1 predictor in personal and professional success. Discover what they don’t teach you in school and most people don’t know.
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International consultant, coach and author Crystal Jonas has been helping clients leverage their emotional power and become more productive and profitable for over 20 years.

As an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, USA, for seven years, she taught communica

You’re about to discover exactly what you can do to develop your #1 predictor in personal and professional success.

If you’ve ever wished you could maintain motivation and manage your moods, your answers are here.

If you’d like to build positive, gratifying relationships with co-workers and people in your personal life, you’ll find insight in these words.

If you want to stay focused and resilient, no matter what goes on around you, solutions are at hand.

Consider Emotional Intelligence Secrets a well spring of wise guidance, just waiting for you to tap. Your new level of success awaits.

About the author

International consultant and author, Crystal Jonas helps clients be more positive, productive and profitable.

Through keynotes, live and virtual seminars, and coaching, Ms. Jonas helps clients manage their motivation and emotions through self-awareness, build positive relationships with others, and stay resiliently focused even in hard times.

Her warm and wise approach to customized consulting gives each person hope for success and a clear path for achieving it.