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Aligning Your Business to Customer Journeys

A Definitive Guide to Customer Journey Mapping – Part 2

Language:  English
This book is the second part of series. It deepens your knowledge on how to map customer journeys and add crucial details, such as customer emotions.
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This book continues on mapping customer journeys, started in the previous part of the book: A Definitive Guide to Customer Journey Mapping - Part 1. It gives more important details to add on your customer journey maps. It also gives advice on how to run various length workshops with your colleagues and customers to make the maps even more accurate.

About the author

Dr. Janne Ohtonen, is an experienced customer experience and business process management specialist, with two decades of experience. He has worked with companies like British Telecom, Pfizer, Apple, IAG Group, Bristol Myers-Squibb, UK Broadband and British Airways. Dr. Ohtonen has also published several books on customer-centric business process management and capabilities.
  1. Breakpoints Along the Journey 
    1. Introduction to Breakpoints 
    2. Identifying Breakpoints
    3. Aligning Breakpoints to Customer Journey Map
    4. Aligning Business Processes to Customer Journey Map 
    5. Case WWJD: Breakpoints Map 
  2. Business Rules shaping the Journey 
    1. Introduction to Business Rules 
    2. Identifying Business Rules 
    3. Aligning Business Rules to Customer Journey Map 
    4. Case WWJD: Business Rules Map 
  3. Details About The Journey 
    1. Mapping Systems and Tools 
    2. Mapping Resources and Capabilities 
    3. Mapping Stakeholders 
    4. Case WWJD: Detail Map 
  4. Emotional Impact of the Journey 
    1. Introduction to Customer Emotions 
    2. Identifying Emotions in a Customer Journey 
    3. Aligning Customer Emotions to Journey 
    4. Case WWJD: Emotional Map 
  5. =Facilitating Customer Journey Mapping Workshops 
    1. Introduction to Workshops 
    2. Who Should Participate 
    3. Agenda for The Workshop 
    4. Logistics 
    5. Participant Instructions 
    6. Session Rules 
    7. Facilitation Secrets and Guidelines 
    8. About Sticky Notes 
    9. Follow Up After the Session 
  6. Communicating the Results 
    1. When Is a Customer Journey Map Ready? 
    2. Documenting The Customer Journey Map 
    3. Sharing The Customer Journey Map 
    4. Keeping The Map on Top of Mind 
    5. Updating The Map 
    6. Case WWJD: The Final Map 
  7. Evaluating Customer Journeys 
    1. Financial Implications 
    2. Journey Efficiency
    3. Choosing Where to Focus 
  8. Summary 
    1. Shaping The Organisational Culture Using Journey Maps 
    2. Taking Action to Improve 
    3. Your Journey Map to Customer Success 
  9. Author’s Recommended Resources 
  10. About the Author
About the Author

Dr Janne Ohtonen