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Advanced Maths for Chemists

Chemistry Maths 3

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This book teaches Maths from a “chemical” perspective and is the third of a three-part series of texts designed for a first-year university course.
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Advanced Maths for Chemists teaches Maths from a “chemical” perspective and is the third of a three-part series of texts designed for a first-year university course. It is the Maths required by a Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Chemical Physicist, Molecular Biologist, Biochemist or Biologist. Tutorial questions with fully worked solutions are used and structured on a weekly basis to help the students to self-pace themselves. Coloured molecular structures, graphs and diagrams bring the text alive. Navigation between questions and their solutions is by page numbers for use with your PDF reader.

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Week 1: Chemistry and Algebra 1
    1. Introduction
    2. Week 1 Tutorial Questions
    3. Week 1 Tutorial Solutions
  3. Week 2: Chemistry and Algebra 2
    1. Week 2 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 2 Tutorial Solutions
  4. Week 3: Chemistry, Logarithms and Exponentials
    1. Summary of Logs, Exponentials, and Acid-Base Equilibrium
    2. Week 3 Tutorial Questions
    3. Week 3 Tutorial Solutions
  5. Week 4: Experimental Data Analysis
    1. Week 4 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 4 Tutorial Solutions
  6. Week 5: Chemistry and Differentiation 1
    1. Week 5 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 5 Tutorial Solutions
  7. Week 6: Chemistry and Differentiation 2
    1. Week 6 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 6 Tutorial Solutions
  8. Week 7: Chemistry and Integration 1
    1. Week 7 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 7 Tutorial Solutions
  9. Week 8: Chemistry and Integration 2
    1. Week 8 Tutorial Questions
    2. Week 8 Tutorial Solutions
  10. References
  11. List of formulae
About the Author

J. E. Parker

I have 39 years experience of teaching chemists, biologists, pharmacists, chemical engineers and other engineers at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh. My published research from 1966 onwards is in the area of physical chemistry, especially chemical kinetics, spectroscopy, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, computational chemistry and the use of mass spectrometric techniques to study single-collision elementary reactions. I published also in analytical chemistry specializing in the fundamental aspects of mass spectrometry. My teaching was mostly in physical chemistry for years one to four of BSc and year five MChem undergraduates and PhD postgraduate students using combinations of lectures, tutorials and lab classes. I realized the importance of maths and in order to help students I taught maths to first year chemists for several years. I believe that maths has to be presented in context emphasizing the applications in chemistry, physics, and biology for students to grasp its significance and importance in science and engineering. I have published five books with running to a total of nine editions in total. I hope you enjoy and find my books useful.

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