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A to Z of How to Grow Your Small Business Online

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The premise for this eBook is to offer small business owners easy-to-follow tips to help them create a strong online presence that will attract their ideal customers and grow online sales.
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Having an online presence is now more crucial than ever for business survival. Since the arrival of the pandemic, we’ve seen consumer buying behaviours change for ever. For businesses it means adapting quickly to remain viable. Taking a step-by-step approach, this eBook will show you how to build a strong online presence. Topics include how to target your ideal customer, simple SEO tips to boost search ranking, content creation, social media marketing and personal brand.

About the Author

Carole Smith is an Online Marketing Business Coach based in Ireland. Before transitioning to coaching, Carole had a long career in the travel and aviation industry. Since she began coaching in 2011, she has worked with businesses across Ireland, UK, Portugal, and Ethiopia. Travel is still a passion for Carole with many of her clients coming from the world of travel and aviation.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
    1. Early Days of Social Media
    2. Inbound Marketing
    3. Social Media for Business
    4. New Goals
  2. The Pandemic Effect on the Consumer
    1. Targeting the Post-Pandemic Consumer
  3. First Impressions Matter
    1. 5-Steps to Auditing Your Online Presence
    2. Online Red Flags That’s Losing You Business
  4. SEO for Small Business
    1. 5 Ways to Boost Search Ranking
  5. Who is Your Customer?
    1. Who Are You Targeting?
    2. Creating Customer Profiles
  6. What’s Your Marketing Strategy?
    1. Creating a Marketing Plan
  7. Content Marketing for Small Business
    1. Creating a Content Calendar
    2. 5 Content Writing Tips
  8. Social Media Marketing for Small Business
    1. Social Media Marketing Mistakes
    2. Social Commerce
  9. Lasting Impressions
    1. Build Your Personal Brand
  10. Sources
This book provides easy to follow concepts for online marketing and selling. I enjoyed reading the book and made a number of notes for useful information that I can use with small businesses I am involved with (a local non-profit, my local church and a book club).
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About the Author

Carole Smith