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من التصور الى الأداء

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Debunking the perceived mysteries and complexities of creativity and problem-solving.
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Debunking the perceived mysteries and complexities of creativity and problem-solving. Most people when challenged to describe how they do their day job, be it pilot, doctor, or accountant, can do this as they know how they do what they do. Ask the same people to describe how they ‘do’ creativity and the response will rarely be as clear, often a series of vague words using phrases like ‘out of the box, brainstorming, stage gates etc.’. People talk about creativity not what they ‘do’ in order to be creative. This book will change that. We are all creative problem solvers because everyone in their life has at some point had to solve a problem in a new way. However, because it happens by accident it cannot be repeated and performance cannot be improved. As any sports coach will tell you, one had first to be aware of how one does something in order to focus on the parts and them improve all of the elements before putting it all back together again.
This book will show you what you ‘do’ in order to be creative. Paradoxically creativity flourishes best when a robust process structure is in place, a map to guide you through imagination to action. To navigate the map simple behavioural tools are needed and these are described in detail as well.

About the Author

Jonne Ceserani

I am a business facilitator, coach and trainer and MD of Power & Grace. I had 12 years’ experience as a partner with Synectics Europe and prior to that 12 years’ experience as a line manager and professional manager with DuPont (UK) Ltd.

I have worked with a diverse range of companies in the private and public sector, including Mars, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Walkers Snack Foods, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Barclays, BBC, Sainsbury’s, Wrexham Borough, The Technology Strategy Board and the NHS.

Results have included doubling retail income in 18 months, halving meeting times and getting projects to completion on time and on budget.

I have worked with all functions in organisations, Main Board, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, R&D and Human Resources

My skills are diverse and include being an accomplished Synectics facilitator, a Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, an accredited Lumina Spark Practitioner, accredited Emotional Intelligence practitioner and Prince2 accredited project manager.

Tel: 07770 720 373