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Author Archives: Christina Liu

Christina Liu, CPA, MSA, has extensive experiences in auditing and accounting fields with different industries including Nonprofit Organizations, Public Accounting, Telecommunications, and State/Local Governments. She earned MSA and BS degrees from American University. She gained her public accounting experience with KPMG. She has authored several auditing and accounting continuing professional education courses for CPAs.

How Does Audit Enhance Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity in Governments?


With increasing concern about corruption, citizens are demanding to be informed about the government’s intend to achieve and actual accomplishments. Poor program management contributed by ineffective use of public funds can be the main factor to the growing deficits accumulating to an unsustainable increase in debt as demonstrated by the federal budget. Therefore, government programs and management functions at significant risk of waste, fraud, and abuse must be identified, addressed, corrected, and monitored.  (more…)

How to Protect Ourselves in the Cyber World

Cyberattack is not a question of “whether” it will happen, but “when”. Cyberattacks are becoming more destructive globally. Because hackers are increasingly sophisticated and targeted; one tactic fails, they will try another until they breach an organization’s defenses. The cyber threat impacts the whole of our society, so everyone has a part to play in combating cybercrimes.  (more…)