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The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made By Employers

The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment
4.7 (11 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-7681-874-6
1 edition
Pages : 58
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About the book

  1. Reviews
  2. Description
  3. Preface
  4. Content
  5. About the Author


Nadine R. Cable ★★★★★

Can be easily understood, has a direct approach and was able to cover all essentials.


This book is a useful guide for those who are new to HR or managing teams. The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment takes the reader through the employment life cycle from recruitment to termination of employment. It sets out the main processes and risks and provides practical guidance and help. Written in an easy-to-read style by an HR practitioner of considerable experience, the reader will understand what has to be done to achieve compliance, guidance on best practice as well as some robust no nonsense advice. Illustrative case studies add an amusing human dimension to the topic.


Being an employer these days is somewhat akin to going into battle. Not only do employees have more rights than they’ve ever had (and therefore cost employers more than ever before), there’s considerable economic pressure on employers to ensure that the business survives.

Common complaints from employers include:

“I can’t seem to recruit the right people.”

“Why does he keep making mistakes?”

“I’ve told her a hundred times – and she still arrives late!”

“It takes so long to manage someone through the disciplinary process properly!”

“It’s quicker to do it myself ….”

Getting it wrong and not managing employees so that they perform to their optimum is frustrating, time consuming and expensive.……so what can employers do? Making just a few changes will reduce your risk and help the work flow more easily. Use the information and tips provided in this book will help you manage employees correctly, lawfully and in such a manner that it reduces the risk of being taken to tribunal.


  1. Chapter 1 Overview of the Ebook
    1. Introduction
    2. Recruiting the right person
    3. Contracts of employment
    4. Prevention is better than cure
    5. Keeping records
    6. Enforcement
    7. Sanctions
    8. Following procedure
  2. Chapter 2 Recruiting the right person
    1. Introduction
    2. Define your recruitment requirement
    3. Job description and person specifications
    4. Avoiding unlawful discrimination
    5. Advertising
    6. Health screening
    7. The selection process
    8. Face to face for the first time
    9. Common mistakes at interview
    10. Testing
    11. After the interview
    12. References
  3. Chapter 3 Contracts of Employment
    1. Introduction
    2. What are the benefits of having a properly drafted statement?
    3. Who should have a set of terms of employment?
    4. What must be included in the written statement?
    5. Terms of the agreement
    6. Implied terms
    7. Incorporated terms
    8. Variation of contract
  4. Chapter 4 Prevention is better than cure
    1. Introduction
    2. Standards
    3. Your requirements have to be clear
    4. Rules
    5. Timing and recording
  5. Chapter 5 Keeping Records
    1. Introduction
    2. Benefits of keeping good records
    3. What sort of thing should be noted?
    4. How long should I keep records?
    5. Data protection
  6. Chapter 6 Enforcement
    1. Introduction
    2. Dealing with problems informally
    3. Taking formal action
    4. Conduct or capability?
    5. Witnesses
    6. Burden of proof
    7. Suspension
    8. Right to be accompanied
    9. Preparing for a disciplinary hearing – investigating officer
    10. Preparing for a disciplinary hearing – discipline officer
    11. Handling discipline hearings
  7. Chapter 7 Sanctions
    1. Introduction
    2. Let the punishment fit the crime
    3. Exercise caution if in doubt
    4. Deciding on a sanction
    5. Totting up
    6. Expired warnings should be disregarded
    7. What to include in a formal warnings
  8. Chapter 8 Following Procedure
    1. Introduction
    2. The most common mistakes
    3. The importance of following procedure
    4. Small procedural errors may be allowed
    5. The reasonable employer

About the Author

Kate Russell, BA, barrister, MA is the Managing Director of Russell HR Consulting and the author of this publication. As Metro’s HR columnist, she became known to thousands, with her down-to-earth and tactical approach to HR. Kate is a regular guest on Five Live and her articles and opinions have been sought by publications as diverse as The Sunday Times, Real Business and The Washington Post, as well as every major British HR magazine. Her HR blog has been rated third best in the UK. She is the author of several practical employment handbooks and e-books, the highly acclaimed audio update service Law on the Move, as well as a monthly e-newsletter, the latter document neatly combining the useful, topical and the frivolous.

Russell HR Consulting Ltd delivers HR solutions and practical employment law training to a wide variety of industries across the UK. Our team of skilled and experienced HR professionals has developed a reputation for being knowledgeable, robust and commercially aware. We are especially well-versed in the tackling and resolving of tough discipline and grievance matters.

We also specialise in delivering practical employment law training to line managers, business owners and HR professionals, both as in-house, tailor made workshops or open courses. We provide a wide range of practical employment training, enabling new and experienced managers to work in a compliant and ethical fashion, and gain optimum employee output.

At Russell HR consulting we will design and deliver a solution that suits your particular needs, identifying and addressing the issues in the way that best fits your workplace.

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