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Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016
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ISBN: 978-87-403-1399-4
1 edition
Pages : 172
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  • Price: 75.50 kr

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About the book

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  3. About the Author


This user guide will enable you to save time when working in Outlook 2016.

You will learn how to:

  • Create folders to keep your email tidy
  • See how Outlook 2016 handles attachments
  • Use QuickSteps to do things such as filing or creating standard emails speedily
  • Add appoinments – all day events and Scheduled Meetings
  • Create Tasks
  • Perform an email mail merge
  • Shortcuts for working with email and calendar
  • Learn how to use Groups to collaborate with others


  1. Outlook Home Screen
    1. The Ribbon
    2. The Quick Access Toolbar
    3. The Alt Key
    4. Drag and drop between email and calendar
    5. Sneak peek
  2. Mail
    1. New email
    2. Add an attachment
    3. Attach a copy
    4. Reply to an email
    5. Pop out or discard
    6. Reply with meeting
    7. Insert a copy of your calendar
  3. Email options
    1. Themes
    2. Show fields
    3. Permission
    4. Vote
    5. Preview attachments
    6. Insert and format a table
    7. Insert a picture
    8. Add a chart
  4. Create a signature
    1. Create a signature
  5. Conversations
    1. Conversation view
    2. Conversation cleanup
    3. Ignore a conversation
  6. Deleting email
    1. Delete email
    2. Empty deleted items
    3. Empty deleted items
  7. Archiving
    1. Online Archive
    2. Archive Policy
    3. Archive Folder
    4. View the Online Archive
    5. Set Archive Policy
    6. The Archive Button
  8. Filing
    1. Create a folder
    2. Drag and drop to file email
  9. Quicksteps
    1. QuickSteps in Outlook
    2. Categorise and move
    3. Flag and move
    4. New email to
    5. Forward to
    6. Meeting with
    7. Standard response and add to calendar
  10. Custom Quicksteps
    1. Create a standard email response
    2. Standard email
    3. Reply and move
  11. Email templates
    1. Creating a template for email in Outlook 2016
  12. Search
    1. Search for email
    2. Using the Filter icon
  13. Search folders
    1. Search folders
  14. Calendar
    1. The Calendar
    2. Calendar views and arrangements
    3. Timescale
    4. Open other calendars
    5. Share calendars
    6. Calendar overlay
    7. Calendar groups
    8. Appointments
    9. Meetings
    10. The scheduling assistant
    11. Tracking meeting responses
  15. Contacts – people
    1. Contacts are now called People
    2. View contacts
    3. Create a contact
    4. Add contact details direct from incoming email
    5. Communication options in the message header
    6. Favourite people and peek
    7. Create a contact group
    8. Email a contact group
    9. Organise contacts in folders
  16. Tasks and to do
    1. To do
    2. Tasks
    3. Show Tasks on their Due Date on the Calendar
    4. Create a task from an email
    5. Create a task from an appointment
  17. Mail merge
    1. Mail merge
    2. Create the message
  18. Rules
    1. Create the Rule
  19. Groups in Outlook 2016
    1. Create a New Group
    2. Complete the Create Group dialogue box
    3. Add members
    4. Find and join a group
    5. Join a Private Group
    6. Receive email confirmation
    7. Start a conversation
    8. Reply to a conversation
    9. A word about Subscribing or Joining a Group
    10. Add a group meeting
    11. Group Files
    12. Shared Files
    13. Group Notebook

About the Author

Shelley Fishel has eighteen years’ experience in helping people to get more from their computers. After working for an IT training organization Shelley decided to 'do her own thing' when she realized the limitations of delivering standard courses.

"Why waste time and money on training people in areas that are not relevant to them? It's common sense to invest that time and effort on what they really need."

That was the 'light bulb moment' and the IT Training Surgery's unique approach has resulted in a growing business with a team of highly qualified IT trainers.

"If trainees get bored they forget most of what they learn. We like to offer a range of training approaches to suit different people and, most of all; we aim to make training fun!"

Shelley and her team have worked hard to achieve accreditation by the Learning and Performance Institute for the IT Training Surgery, as a recognized high quality provider of IT training.

To find out more about our training give us a call on 020 8203 1774 or visit our website

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