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Managing Diversity

Managing Diversity
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ISBN: 978-87-403-0307-0
1 edition
Pages : 79
Price: Free

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About the book

  1. Description
  2. Content
  3. About the Author


‘Managing diversity’ refers to a range of management and leadership practices that aim to value diversity in the workforce and help an organisation be more successful. This book provides an introduction to the theory and practice of managing diversity (and Equal Employment Opportunities or EEO). The book covers topics such as: the role of historical struggles in the development of managing diversity practice today, demographic and social change; theoretical debates; discussion of each of the main groups that managing diversity programs often focus on like gender, ethnicity and religion, people with disabilities, and mature workers; and practical tools for implementing valuing diversity initiatives. The book has been written by a very experienced lecturer and writer and can be used in undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as by managers and others working and wanting to know more about managing diversity.


  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. What is diversity?
    3. Managing diversity
  2. Conceptual tools
    1. How the labour market works
    2. Understanding discrimination
    3. Understanding complex social and cultural issues
  3. Groups
    1. Gender
    2. Age
    3. LGBT employees (Sexual orientation)
    4. Ability/disability
    5. Ethnicity and race
    6. Religion
  4. Practice: Valuing diversity and preventing problems
    1. Work-life issues
    2. Culture and leadership
    3. Preventing harassment and bullying
  5. Tools
    1. Tool 1: Workplace profile
    2. Tool 2: Remuneration checklist
    3. Tool 3: Staff turnover measure
    4. Tool 4: Turnover costs
  6. Conclusion
  7. Useful websites and resources
  8. Further reading
  9. Image and other credits
  10. Author Information

About the Author

Dr. Janet Sayers is a Senior Lecturer at Massey University in Auckland New Zealand. She is also a Director of OnBoard Skate, a skate school which promotes the principles of inclusion. She has written extensively on managing diversity and customer service issues and has published many books, book chapters and journal articles. She blogs on diversity issues at ‘Diversity Thlinking’ at

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