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Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions

Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions
4.9 (14 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-0570-8
1 edition
Pages : 65
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About the book

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  2. Description
  3. Content
  4. About the Author


William J. Gole MBA, CPA - M&A Consultant and Auth ★★★★☆

The book provides thorough coverage of most key issues associated with acquisitions and divestitures. Its main weakness is the lack of linkage of M&A planning to overall corporate strategy. Investment (and divestment) decisions by organizations - whether acquisition, alliance or internal development - should begin with the strategic planning process. Otherwise, they are prone to make opportunistic, short-term decisions that do not necessarily lead to greater shareholder value. That observation aside, the book addresses the most important issues in more or less detail.


This book provides a straightforward introduction to the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. It discusses the rationale for acquisitions and disposals, before going on to examine the processes and practicalities of buying and selling both public and private companies. It covers key documentation, due diligence, and deal structuring. Its purpose is to give readers a clear insight into the issues and pitfalls in the world of M&A, with guidance on how to minimise risk through pre-transaction planning and effective post-acquisition integration.


  1. Chapter One
    1. What is M&A?
    2. The Goal of Acquisitions
    3. Synergies
    4. Acquisition Strategies
    5. Disposal Strategies
    6. From Strategy to Success
  2. Chapter Two
    1. Private Company Acquisitions: A Process Overview
    2. Early Stages
    3. Target Analysis and Evaluation
    4. Reaching Agreement
    5. Due Diligence
    6. Sale and Purchase Agreement
  3. Chapter Three
    1. Private Company Disposals: A Process Overview
    2. Routes to Disposal
    3. Demerger
    4. Controlled auction
    5. Alternative Methods of Disposal
  4. Chapter Four
    1. Public Company Takeovers – Introduction
    2. Which Rules Apply?
    3. Takeover Essentials
    4. The Takeover Process: Friendly Bids
    5. The Takeover Process: Hostile Bids
  5. Chapter Five
    1. Deal Structuring Essentials
  6. Chapter Six: Successful M&A
    1. Success and Failure in Acquisitions
    2. From Objectives to Plans

Appendix – Selected Bibliography

About the Author

Kate Creighton (MA ACIS Chartered MSI) worked in corporate finance for Ernst & Young for twelve years, focusing first on M&A with private and public companies, and then on corporate and equity valuation. She left to pursue a career in financial education, with leading training firm BPP, where she headed up the corporate finance training practice. She now works as an independent author and training consultant, including acting as a subject matter expert for the UK's CISI. To contact Kate, please visit

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