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International Business and Global Strategy

International Business and Global Strategy
4.8 (15 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-1195-2
1 edition
Pages : 144
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About the book

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  2. Description
  3. Content
  4. About the Author


Sam ★★★★★

This eBook successfully helped me understand International business concepts and frameworks in depth, which also provided real life case examples. Moreover, the quizzes and feedback also allowed me to engage and learn proactively. I rate this book 5 stars as it benefited and helped me with my International business studies.

Dan ★★★★★

Clear and concise. Examples and interactive review questions helped to understand the concepts better.


This eBook provides a simple and relevant resource on international business and global strategy for undergraduate, (post)graduate and MBA students around the world. It provides concise explanations of relevant concepts, illustrated by focussed examples and implications for business. Summary boxes, online tools, exercises, mini-case studies, videos, and review questions support the learning process.


  1. Foundations of international business
  2. International business and globalisation
  3. International business and trade
  4. International business and investment
  5. Firms and international business
  6. Governments and international business
  7. Institutions and international business
  8. The world trade system
  9. The foreign exchange system
  10. The global financial system
  11. Foundations of global strategy
  12. Regional and global strategy
  13. Global strategy frameworks
  14. Foreign market entry
  15. Industry and competition
  16. Resources and capabilities
  17. Institutions and ethics
  18. Organisation and structure
  19. Knowledge and innovation
  20. Alliances and collaboration
  21. Quizzes
  22. References

About the Author

Senior Lecturer in International Business, the University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

Past experience

  • Instructor at Harvard University in Boston, US
  • Lecturer at Brandeis University, International Business School in Boston, US
  • PhD degree from Brandeis University in Boston, US
  • Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics
  • Worked for The Economist Group (a publisher of The Economist magazine) in London, UK
  • Former Director of the Master of International Business programme at the University of Auckland

Teaching experience

  • Currently teaching courses in international business, global strategy and international management
  • At Harvard, taught a course in international trade and globalisation
  • At Brandeis, taught a course in global economy and managing international business
  • Teaches at all levels including undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and in Executive programmes

Other achievements

  • Cited by Wall Street Journal and profiled and interviewed by media and press around the world
  • Published in a range of journals and textbooks in international business, economics and management

University of Auckland profile:

LinkedIn profile:

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