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Elementary Physics I

Kinematics, Dynamics And Thermodynamics

Elementary Physics I
4.8 (26 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-0632-3
1 edition
Pages : 172
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About the book

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  4. About the Author


victor okai ★★★★★

Very helpful in the study of Physics. It's a job well done.

Galina Kurlyandskaya ★★★★★

It is simple and simply amazing. I had the pleasure to attend some of the physics classes of Prof. Bhagat during my research visit at the University of Maryland. Great teacher and great eBook!


This book develops the ideas which are necessary for a beginning student to appreciate physics and its applications at the most fundamental level. It has been written on the basis of the author's experience of teaching and discussing physics with undergraduate students at several universities over a period of several decades. The topics covered are conventional: varieties of motion and causes thereof, conservation principles, energy, momentum, gravitation, rotation, temperature and thermodynamics.


Dimensions – Units – Scalar or Vector

  1. What is Physics?
  2. Lengths at Play – Length, Area, Volume, Angle
  3. Length – Time – Motion
  4. Two Free Rides Plus Speed and Size of Moon
  5. Kinematics – Description of Motion in One Dimension [Along x-axis]. (Point Particles)
  6. Vector Algebra/ Trig. Identities
  7. Kinematics – Two Dimensions – Projectile Motion
  8. Relative Velocities – Inertial Observers
  9. Newton’s Laws (Point Objects)
  10. Uniform Circular Motion – Kinematics and Dynamics
  11. Some Consequences of Earth’s Rotation
  12. Universal Law of Gravitation – Force
  13. Conservation Principles
  14. Potential Energy – Gravitational Force
  15. Conservation of Linear Momentum
  16. Circular Motion When Speed is NOT Constant
  17. Torque
  18. Types of Motion of Rigid Body
  19. Rolling Without Slip; etc
  20. Conservation of Angular Momentum – Keplers Laws
  21. Thermodynamics – Dynamics + One Thermal Parameter
  22. Temperature (θ)
  23. Heat
  24. Pressure of a Gas – Kinetic Energy
  25. Modes of Heat Transfer
  26. First Law of Thermodynamics
  27. First Law – Thermodynamic Processes
  28. Thermodynamic Processes
  29. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  30. Formulae

About the Author

Prof. S.M. Bhagat got his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Delhi,India, in 1956. Since 1954 he has been doing research as well as teaching undergraduate and graduate students at Delhi, Oxford (England),Carnegie-Mellon(Pittsburgh, USA) and College Park (Md,USA). His researches cover experiments on magnetic materials,superconductors, superfluid helium,etc.He has over 200 publications in refereed journals.

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