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Boost your memory – and sharpen your mind

Boost your memory – and sharpen your mind
4.8 (71 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-0750-4
1 edition
Pages : 51
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Nicky D. Mas ★★★★★

Extraordinarily superb...I have learnt a lot; it's mind boggling and mind expanding! This is a more-than-a must read book every student ought to have! A priceless reading!!!


Many of us are poor listeners. We forget 75% of what we do hear within two months. We forget between a third and a half of what we hear within 8 hours. If someone is not observant, a poor listener, easily distracted, fails to concentrate or lacks interest, he or she has remembers even less. And this is exacerbated by the digital age of speed where everything seems to be happening at once, and where people seem to take pride in the self-defeating behavior of multitasking.

Smartphones and iPhones have apps for almost everything. We are reminded to turn off the stove, when to leave for an appointment and where we left the car. Memorization seems to be a dying skill; because everything is available at the click of a mouse or a tap of an icon. Unfortunately, as our natural memory declines, we may even forget where we left our smartphone! The problem with our brain, and with memory and other cognitive skills, is that if we don’t use them we lose we lose them.

In this brief book Harold Taylor, author of Managing your memory (1988), explains not only how to keep your memory skills intact through lifestyle changes and attitude, but how to increase your powers of memory and recall by using your brain’s natural ability to visualize and associate.


  1. Your brain has a mind of its own
    1. The importance of memory
    2. Things you don’t need to remember
    3. Why your memory may seem faulty
  2. Our wonderful world of memory
    1. How our memory works
    2. What is working memory?
    3. Is your working memory getting weaker?
    4. What is long-term memory?
  3. The care and feeding of memory
    1. Exercise your body & your brain
    2. Watch that stress
    3. Sleep aids memory
    4. Fuel for the brain
  4. There’s nothing wrong with your memory
    1. Take a positive approach to memorizing
    2. Don’t use age as an excuse
  5. Giving your memory a helping hand
    1. The use of mnemonics
    2. Rhymes, jingles and other devices that aid recall
    3. Acronyms and acrostics
  6. Taking advantage of the brain’s ability to link information
    1. The power of association
    2. Intentional association
    3. Absentmindedness
  7. Your brain loves to hear stories
    1. Visualize to memorize
    2. Recalling information for presentations or exams
  8. The limits of story telling
    1. Remembering a list of items in any order
  9. Remembering names and faces
    1. I’ll never forget what’s his name
    2. Rules for remembering names
  10. Remembering telephone numbers, statistics and more
    1. The numbers game
    2. Remembering statistics
    3. Go with the flow
  11. Books referenced in Boost your memory
  12. About the author

About the Author

Harold Taylor, CSP, president of Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd., and now operating as Taylor In Time, was a teaching master at Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, Canada for eight years before launching into the consulting business. He has now been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 35 years. He has written over 20 books, including a Canadian bestseller, Making Time Work for You. He has developed over 50 time management products, including the popular Taylor Planner, which has sold in 38 countries around the world. He has had over 300 articles accepted for publication.

A past director of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Harold Taylor received their Founder’s Award in 1999 for outstanding contributions to the organizing profession. He received the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation in 1987 from the National Speakers Association. In 1998 the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers inducted him into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. And in 2001, he received the first Founder’s Award from the Professional Organizers in Canada. The award has been named in his honor.

Since 1981, when he incorporated the original time management company, he has personally presented over 2000 workshops, speeches and keynotes on the topic of time and life management.

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