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Creating Authentic Assertion

Part III – Assertive Development Trilogy

Creating Authentic Assertion
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ISBN: 978-87-403-0572-2
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Über das Buch

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Sherry J. Morton ★★★★★

Detailed and clear in presentation. Good job!


Be the best version of yourself with the help of this Assertive Development Trilogy finale. Building on the two inspirational books before it, Creating Authentic Assertion culminates in illustrating how to handle tricky situations naturally and with greater confidence. Guided by its practical exercises and wisdom you will begin to experience more fulfilling relationships, transformational leadership and a stronger self-worth, all of which enable you to flourish and reveal your untapped potential.


It is widely recognised that assertive behaviour has a role in our leadership success and personal development. Without honing this essential skill, we become ineffective, lose respect and risk the physical and mental effects of stress. Yet assertive development too often focuses on the simplicity of applying new behaviours, rather than discovering the source of our lack of assertion.

In her first two thought-provoking books within this Assertive Trilogy, Karen explores the profound drivers that influence how we think, feel and act, offering an insight into the impact these factors have on our performance and our behaviour.

This third and final book in the series builds on the essential foundation Karen has created by addressing how to tackle real life assertive challenges. Karen’s philosophy throughout has been about digging beneath the surface of our behaviour and unlocking the reasons why we consistently behave unassertively. Having explored the root causes to our patterns, we can now see how to achieve win-win results more often, making good quality choices about how we think, feel and act. Having developed a strong self-respect, which is at the heart of all behaviour, assertion becomes so much more do-able, thanks to Karen’s approach.

We finally get to see how to turn around our challenges and by adopting key strategies, which are supported by a robust basis of self-esteem and see our struggles become a distant memory.

Bringing us this fascinating topic, Karen Davies offers us her passion about her work in self-development and honing the art of authentic assertion.

Whilst Karen has been in the personal development and coaching fields for twenty-five years, it has been in the last fifteen that her work has had the greatest impact, thanks to her own journey of self-discovery. After suffering from stress-related depression in 1997, Karen had a unique opportunity to explore herself profoundly and uncover the fundamental triggers that created her health problems. After some cathartic self-development, she worked through her challenges, many of them triggered by self-destructive thought patterns and her learning has become the source of her own healing, her inspirational teachings and powerful coaching.

Through her Consultancy, Karen inspired changes in hundreds of executives, leaders and aspiring employees across the globe, achieving success for over thirteen years. Today Karen is role modelling her ‘optimise your potential’ teachings by shifting her focus from business to personal transformation, inspiring the fulfilment of individuals, through her new vocation – My Well-being.

Karen’s refreshing approach to development is far beyond the concept of the traditional training course. She uses her coaching philosophy to guide us on our own path of self-discovery, building on the notion that teaching is a passive activity; learning is active. You will not just read this eBook, you will take a journey and, engaged by her coaching exercises, have the opportunity to alter the way you think, how you feel and behave in all walks of your life.


Preface and Biography

  1. Introduction – Assertive Trilogy Part
    1. Assertive Vision
    2. Benefits of Authentic Assertion
  2. Assertiveness Synopsis
    1. Assertive Principles and Values
    2. Behavioural Characteristics
    3. Behavioural Spectrum – Marginal Differences
    4. Six Types of Assertion
    5. Influencing Model
  3. Situational Assertion
    1. How to Negotiate and Compromise
    2. How to Say ‘No’, Without Feeling Guilty
    3. How to Lead Assertively
    4. How to Handle Conflict
    5. How to Handle Aggression
    6. How to Build Rapport and Good Relationships
    7. How to Handle Performance Issues
  4. Assertive Strategy Guide
    1. Self-awareness Strategies
    2. Thinking Strategies
    3. Behavioural Strategies
    4. Summary of Assertive Skills
  5. Action Planning
    1. Six Steps to Making Change Happen
  6. References
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