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The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership

The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership
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ISBN: 978-87-403-1827-2
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Dr Fran Woodard MBA, DProf ★★★★★

This short book covers a lot of territory and successfully blends theory with reality. It starts with an exploration of the reality of leadership in today's world and what this currently means for leadership, building to what it takes to become a Frontier leader … this book offers insights into today’s Leadership roles and adds to the debate on how one could create a real way of understanding leadership styles in action for the context we now live in.


Es un libro ilustrativo del liderazgo.

Geoffery Kawanguzi ★★★☆☆



Today’s leadership challenges have become more intense. The number of transformative general purpose technologies this century is set to double from those introduced in the last century. From nano technologies to graphene; from new mechanisms to customised healthcare to the internet of things, 21st Century leadership is set against an operating environment that is moving ever faster and becoming ever more complex. 

Navigating this complexity is the leadership and management challenge of the age. However to navigate it one must first understand it. And those leaders who understand it are at the frontier of their profession. This book is all about how to be a frontier leader. It combines the latest academic research and insight from practice to develop an argument about how to lead, what to lead and who to lead.

About the authors

Nick Isles is CEO of Corporate Agenda and an Associate of Red Thread Partnership. Nick works in the areas of strategy; change management; organizational development; employee engagement and leadership development. His past and present clients include AXA plc, Pearson plc, Tesco plc, Creative Skillset, BIG Lottery, City&Guilds, Enterprise Inns, Working Links, The Work Foundation, Design Council, Demos, BT, Universities of Manchester, Southampton, East Anglia, Gloucester and West of England, Milton Keynes College, Compass among others.

Adrian is a former banker who came to his senses (money is after all just another belief system) and now spends his time engaging with leaders and organisations to help them grow and develop. His clients have included, amongst others, BP, GSK, Atkins plc, HM Revenue and Customs, The Department for Work and Pensions, NHS England and Action on Hearing Loss.

Freddie has over twenty five years’ experience of strategic board level Communications and Change initiatives focussing on building High Performing Teams (which is his passion), Leadership & Change initiatives & Employee Engagement Strategies.


  • About the authors 
  • Introduction 
  • Our Research 
  • Step 1 – Understand Your Context 
  • Step 2 – Understanding Your Beliefs 
  • Step 3 – Understanding Your Behaviour 
  • Mastering Frontier Leadership
  • Step 4 – Choosing Your Role 
  • Step 5 – Curating Your Culture 
  • Step 6 – Enabling Purpose and Direction 
  • Step 7 – Allocating Resources 
  • Conclusion 

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