Frontpage 2003

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Stephen Moffat has been a teacher in one form or another most of his life.

In 1998 Steve completed his studies and qualified with many training qualifications and started IT training for a little known company in the north of England. Restricted by company politics he quickly went freelance...


Microsoft FrontPage is an easy-to-use website administration tool which was included in the Microsoft Suite until 2003. Although FrontPage has now been discontinued, this user-friendly software is still a valuable page-building program for users who want a simple website creation platform which doesn’t require knowledge of .html or advanced programing languages. This easy to use e-book manual provides a great introduction to beginners who are just getting started with FrontPage, and will also act as a useful reference guide for those who need support in day-to-day tasks. It is available as a free download here.

FrontPage allows users to create and design web pages as they will appear in their final online versions; it also allows the side-by-side management and comparison of all pages in a web environment. This guide introduces a wide range of basic jargon and internet concepts, and walks users through the process of creating webs on FrontPage: working with folders and files, formatting text and paragraphs, creating numbered lists, manipulating page properties such as backgrounds as margins, inserting images, photo galleries and graphics, creating external hyperlinks and bookmarks, frameset properties, FrontPage themes, shared borders, online forms, discussion groups, and utilizing the FrontPage Tasks Manager. Full-color diagrams and screen shots are included throughout the manual, and helpful information is highlighted for quick reference.

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  1. Essential Web Concepts
    1. Common terminology associated with the Internet, Intranet and World Wide Web
    2. Jargon and Terminology...
    3. Why FrontPage?
  2. FrontPage Views
    1. FrontPage Views
    2. Opening a Web in Page View
  3. FrontPage Webs
    1. Create a New one Page Web
    2. Creating new pages
    3. Saving New pages and renaming Pages
    4. Importing Pages
    5. Using the Folder List
    6. Working with folders
    7. Working with Web files
  4. Adding Text
    1. Common Editing Tasks
    2. Move and Copy Text
    3. Using Line Breaks
    4. Add a time stamp to a web page
    5. Inserting special text characters
    6. Spell Checking across the Entire Web
  5. FormattingText
    1. Formatting Text
    2. Preview the Web in FrontPage preview
    3. Preview the Web in your Web Browser Application
  6. Formatting Paragraphs
    1. Paragraph Formatting
  7. Using Bullets and Numbering
    1. Creating a Bulleted List
    2. Creating a Numbered list
  8. Page Properties
    1. Titling a Page
    2. Page Backgrounds
    3. Using Images as a background
    4. Using Background Sounds
    5. Changing the Margins
    6. Page Setup
    7. Page Transitions
  9. Inserting Images & Pictures
    1. Inserting Horizontal Lines
    2. Adding Images (or Graphics)
    3. Adding a Photo Gallery
  10. Connecting Pages
    1. Hyperlinks
    2. Creating External Hyperlinks
    4. Image Hyperlinks
    5. The Hyperlinks View
  11. Tables
    1. Working with Tables
  12. Frame Sets
    1. Introduction to Frames
    2. Preparing to Create Frames
    3. Applying Frames to an Existing Web
    4. Save a frames page
    5. The Frames Page (or frameset) Properties
    6. Browsers that don’t Support Frames
  13. FrontPage Components
    1. FrontPage Web Components
    2. Display a web page or picture at selected times
    3. Inserting Excel Charts, Pivot Tables and spreadsheets
  14. Using Frontpages Themes
    1. FrontPage 2002 Themes
  15. The Naviation Bar
    1. Navigation Bars
    2. Navigation View
  16. Shared Borders
    1. About Shared Borders
    2. Ways to use shared borders
  17. Table of Contents
    1. Create a table of contents
    2. Regenerate a table of contents
  18. Online Forms
    1. Introduction to forms
    2. Designing Forms
    3. Managing Form Results
    4. Sending Form Results to an E-Mail Address
  19. Discussion Groups
    1. Discussion Groups
  20. Tasks
    1. The FrontPage Tasks Manager
  21. Administration
    1. External Hyperlinks