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  1. The Heart of Corporate Social Responsibility Shierholz and Mishel (2013) describe a decade of flat wages whilst management pay has risen. They trace weak wage growth back to 1979 (the start of the rise of neo-liberalism).
  2. Psychologically Safe Workplaces: Utopia Revisited The Guardian (Jan. 11, 2010) Great Pyramid tombs unearth proof ’ workers were not slaves (Retrieved January 25, 2018) The
  3. Using Accounting Information If wages payable had increased, the cash paid would have been less than wages expense.
  4. Applied Business Analysis Date Quarter Number Sales per quarter (‘000) Jan–Mar 2011 1 239 Apr–Jun 2 201 Jul–Sep 3 182 Oct–Dec 4 297 Jan–Mar 2012 5 324 Apr–Jun 6 278 Jul–Sep 7 257 Oct–Dec 8 384 Jan–Mar 2013 9 401 Apr–Jun
  5. Euro Area Economics Jan. 2014 Latvia joins the euro area. Jan. 2015 Lithuania joins the euro area.
  6. Managerial and Cost Accounting For instance, a company may establish a manufacturing facility in a country with lower wages and costs of production.
  7. Fundamentals of Monetary Policy in the Euro Area Taken together, money demand can be expressed as follows: (17.4.9) T S T SL= L +L = L (Y ,P)+L (i)r Fundamentals of Monetary Policy in the Euro Area 153 Money supply and money demand whereby
  8. Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES Save this bill of material. 13.3 DIRECT WAGE HOURS AND MACHINE HOURS For the production of the bicycles wage hours and machine hours are created.
  9. Essentials of Macroeconomics L is determined exactly as chapter 12 and we do not allow L to exceed LOPT as this would require a drop in real wages π > πW at least for a while.
  10. Effective Management Decision Making Oakshott, L, (1998), Quantitative Methods, Letts Study Guides. 93.
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