Navigating Conversations in the Workplace

A Communication Map

kirjoittanut Daniela Rohan
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58 pages
The "Me, My Team and The Organization" model is a practitioner’s proposal for improved communication. It invites readers to look at communication through the eyes of the individual at work.
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Daniela is an international leadership coach with certifications and accreditations from recognised worldwide organisations such as Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Co-Active Training Institute, Birkman International and the UK Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development

The "Me, My Team and The Organization" communication model introduced in this eBook is a practitioner’s proposal for improved communication. While it draws from research, and well-established theories and practice, it is also simple. It invites readers to look at communication through the eyes of the individual at work.

Talking about communication in the workplace, and about organizational culture in general, is a huge topic. Navigating conversations in the workplace is equally complex and important both in our personal as in our professional lives. 

We talk often about communication, relationships and culture and, although they seem to appear simple and easy-to-grasp, re-defining them is always relevant. Aligning our definitions and designing new maps to set course for improved communication leads to better relationships, enriched organizational cultures and, ultimately, to individual and collective contentment.

The eBook includes definitions and an overview of the importance of social interaction, communication and networking; it also proposes and details a number of communication competencies exemplified by real life stories and best practices, while also offering hints and tips for successful implementation.

In order to make the content relevant to various categories of readers, and to show how multifaceted is communication in the workplace, the eBook offers examples of effective and ineffective communication in the workplace.

  1. Notes on the Dynamics of Human Interaction 
    1. Social Interaction and the Created Identity 
    2. Organizational CultureMotivation at Work 
    3. Verbal and Non-verbal CommunicationCultural Differences 
    4. Networking and Stakeholder Management 
  2. The “Me, My Team and the Organization” Communication Map 
    1. Communicating about Me 
    2. Communicating in the Team 
    3. Communicating in the Organization 
    4. The Communication Map: Self-Assessment 
  3. Communicating About Me 
    1. Self-Awareness and Assertiveness 
    2. Dealing with Emotions 
    3. Integrity at Work 
  4. Communicating in the Team 
    1. Listening and Acknowledgment 
    2. Influence, Persuasion and Two-Way Communication 
    3. Giving and Receiving Recognition 
  5. Communicating in the Organization 
    1. Building Trust with Stakeholders 
    2. Sharing 
  6. How to Use the “Me, My Team and The Organization”
    1. Communication Map 
  7. Bibliography 

An excellent book about communication; easy to read. The three main things that I took away from it are: designing the alliance, listening and feeding forward. It made me realise the importance of feeding forward (what to improve in the future as opposed to feeding back), looking into the future as opposed to into the past. The knowledge gained from reading this has already helped me improve communication with my team and thus be seen as a more valuable resource.
Easy to read, relevant examples, very helpful insight.
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