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We all need to use productivity software for word processing, to reconcile budgets, or to make presentations.
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I am a printmaker, twenty years into my professional creative practice. I use iWork daily as part of my business administration, to write articles and create teaching materials.

I enjoy the process of concept and design, providing solutions to problems both technical and creative. In my seri...


We all need to use productivity software for word processing, to reconcile budgets, or to make presentations. Apple users have the option to use iWork software, from Apple, to perform these tasks. This is one of three guides that explore the essential features and functions of one of the three applications that make up the iWork Suite. This guide investigates Numbers for Apple’s OSX.

Numbers is a spreadsheet application, and this guide illustrates organising data, managing lists, creating tables and charts, working with data tables and calculations, and how to import, modify and export Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

  1. Opening Numbers
    1. Choosing The Right Template For The Job
    2. Exploring the Personal Finance Templates
  2. Overview of the Numbers Interface
    1. The Number’s Interface
    2. The Tool Bar
    3. Customising the Tool Bar
    4. The Format Bar
    5. The Sheets Pane
    6. Styles Pane
    7. The Inspector
    8. Text and Graphics
    9. The Media Browser
  3. Adjusting Images
    1. Framing Images
  4. Working With Sheets
    1. Renaming And Adding Sheets
    2. Organising the Sheet Pane
  5. Working With Tables
    1. The Anatomy Of A Table
    2. Formatting A Table
  6. Cell Formats
    1. Manually Formatting Cell
    2. Navigating from Cell to Cell
    3. Series
    4. Customised Series Data
    5. Sorting Data In A Table
    6. Organising Data With Categories
    7. Using Checkboxes, Steppers, and Sliders
    8. Freezing Header Rows And Columns
  7. Importing Data
    1. Importing Excel Spreadsheets
    2. Using Address Book Cards
  8. Calculations
    1. Formula Editor
    2. Operators
    3. Functions
    4. Performing Calculations With Variables
    5. Referencing Multiple Sheets And Tables
    6. Referencing Data; Relative and Absolute References
  9. Design Formatting
    1. Using Table Styles
    2. Modifying and Saving Table Styles
    3. Print Setup
  10. Charts
    1. Column And Stacked Column Charts
    2. Bar And Stacked Bar Charts
    3. Pie Charts
    4. Line Charts
    5. Area And Stacked Area Charts
    6. Scatter Charts
  11. Sharing Work
    1. Printing from Numbers
    2. Exporting spreadsheets from Numbers
    3. Publishing with iWeb
  12. Conclusion
Very good application. Really helps in organizing data and creating tables and charts.
20. toukokuuta 2013
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