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  1. El control de gestión desde una perspectiva global Linkedin: Twitter: EL CONTROL DE GESTIÓN
  2. Old failures and new successes He was the one who got the Royal Palace to celebrate the opening of the agency and was able to convince the authorities and an endless number of important people to attend.
  3. Laccases and their applications Fernández-Fernández M, Sanromán MÁ and Moldes D  (2013) Recent developments  and applications of immobilized laccase. Biotechnol Adv 31: 1808–1825.
  4. Neuromarketing en la práctica hipermercados-mayoristas_0_rJwi6U8HM.html
  5. Applied Statistics the difference, in the two rates, as a 95% confidence interval, a) by assuming equal variability, b) by assuming unequal variability. 3.27 The total nitrogen content of the blood plasma of normal albino
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