PowerPoint 2003: Part II

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99 pages
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Stephen Moffat has been a teacher in one form or another most of his life.

In 1998 Steve completed his studies and qualified with many training qualifications and started IT training for a little known company in the north of England. Restricted by company politics he quickly went freelance...


Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software application which allows the user to create sophisticated presentations which can be used for everything from educational lectures and team briefings to business meetings and interactive on-screen product demonstrations. This two part e-book user’s manual provides a useful introduction to graphical presentation creation, as well as the fundamental program skills which can be applied to later versions of PowerPoint. It is available as a free download here.

Part II of this user’s manual begins with explanations of how to insert tables in your PowerPoint presentation and enhance these with formatting. Topics also covered include charts and graphs, slide masters and templates, and transition and animation effects. Lastly, the manual offers useful pointers for rehearing and running a slideshow with automatic timing and custom shows. Full color diagrams and screen-shots are included alongside textual descriptions for easy reference.

Users who want an introduction to PowerPoint fundamentals should refer to the free PowerPoint 2003: Part I e-book, also available on bookboon.com.

  1. Tables
    1. Working with Tables
    2. Inserting a Table
    3. Adding New Columns and Rows
    4. Resizing the entire table
    5. Formatting Tables
    6. Formatting Table Text
  2. Charts
    1. Charts
    2. Inserting a Chart
    3. Editing a Chart
    4. Changing Chart Type
  3. Organization Charts
    1. Organization Charts
    2. Formatting the Organization Chart
    3. Changing Organization Chart Layout
  4. Slide Masters and Templates
    1. Templates
    2. Applying Design Templates
    3. Master Slides
    4. The Title Master
    5. Slide Colour Scheme
    6. Slide Background
    7. Applying Slide Background
    8. Headers and Footers
  5. Transition and Animation Effects
    1. Animation Effects
    2. Slide Transitions
    3. Animating Text
    4. Preset Animation Schemes
    5. Animating Objects
  6. Organising and Delivering Presentations
    1. Running A Slide Show
    2. Slide Timings
    3. Custom Shows
    4. Branching
    5. Summary Slides
    6. Appendices
The book is quite nice, did really enjoy it...
22 de agosto de 2013
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