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PowerPoint 2003: Part I

PowerPoint 2003: Part I
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ISBN: 978-87-403-0045-1
1 edición
Páginas : 99
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Acerca del libro

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software application which allows the user to create sophisticated presentations which can be used for everything from educational lectures and team briefings to business meetings and interactive on-screen product demonstrations. This two part e-book user’s manual provides a useful introduction to graphical presentation creation, as well as the fundamental program skills which can be applied to later versions of PowerPoint. It is available as a free download here.

Users learn how to create effective presentations with step-by-step demonstrations of how to add slides and change slide layout, enter and edit text, format a presentation with placeholders and text, create Master Slides, and use the Format Painter. The guide also explains how to effectively utilize the Outline View and Slide Sorter View, and also simplifies the drawing skills and visual object functionality which can be used to create a sophisticated final presentation. Full color diagrams and screen-shots are included alongside textual descriptions for easy reference.

Users who want to continue their training with PowerPoint should refer to the free PowerPoint 2003: Part II e-book, also available on


  1. The Basics
    1. What is PowerPoint?
    2. Launching PowerPoint
    3. The PowerPoint Screen
    4. Using Help
  2. Creating a Presentation
    1. Creating presentations
    2. Adding New Slides
    3. Changing the Slide Layout
    5. Adding Free Form Text
    6. Saving a Presentation
  3. Formatting a Presentation
    1. Selecting Placeholders and Text
    2. Formatting Text
    3. Formatting Backgrounds
    4. Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists
    5. Master Slides
    6. The Format Painter
    7. Changing Case
    8. Smart Tags
  4. PowerPoint Views
    1. Different ways to view slides
  5. Working with Outline View
    1. Using Outline View to enter Text
    2. The Outlining Toolbar
    3. Importing text stored in other formats
    4. Creating a Summary Slide
  6. Working with Slide Sorter View
    1. Using Slide Sorter view
    2. Moving and Copying Between Presentations
  7. Drawing Skills
    1. Drawing
    2. Selecting Objects
    3. Formatting objects using the menu
    4. Formatting objects using the toolbar
    5. Resizing Objects
    6. Moving Objects
    7. Copying Objects
    8. Working with Guides
    9. Working with the Visible Grid
    10. Aligning and Distributing Objects
    11. Rotating/ Flipping Objects
    12. Ordering (Stacking) objects
    13. Grouping Objects
    14. Inserting text within an object
  8. Working with Clip Art
    1. Inserting Clip Art
    2. Resizing and Moving Objects
    3. Moving Clip Art
    4. Re-Colouring Clip Art
    5. Ungrouping Clip Art
    6. Cropping Clip Art
    7. Using Image Settings
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