Adobe Photoshop for Intermediate Users

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89 pages
Improve your skills in Photoshop with this guide for intermediate users.
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Sobre el autor

After leaving school in Sheffield, UK, Steve worked in the print industry for 10 years before being made redundant. He decided to return to education and completed courses in many subjects including Information Technology, Business and Finance, Sound Engineering and Music Production, Science and a BS...


Improve your skills in Photoshop with this guide for intermediate users.

This is the second book in this series, written to help develop essential skills in using Adobe Photoshop. This book is for people who have an understanding of Photoshop’s basic functions and would like to build on that knowledge. We will build on the basic skills covered in the previous book and we will also be taking a look at several new tools, adjustments, editing methodology and workflow options. We will also cover two ancillary programs that ship as part of the Photoshop package – Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw. Photoshop is a large and complex program, and as such, requires practice and patience to develop the skills required to be an effective user. I encourage you to use these three books as a starting point and go on to develop your own workflows and techniques.
  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge
  4. Camera Raw
  5. Transformations
  6. Smart Objects
  7. Layer Styles
  8. Vector Tools and the Paths Panel
  9. The Brush Tool & Brush Panel
  10. Layer Masks and Clipping Masks
  11. The Cloning and Healing Tools
  12. Selections
  13. Image & Canvas Resizing
  14. The Filter Gallery
  15. More on Layers
Well this book has included almost everything that enables the users to broaden their horizon of knowledge of Adobe's wonderful creation The Photoshop and help others to make others about the concept of Photoshop. Thanks to the authors and of course ' book' for bringing it on to the Information Super Highway. Thanks a bunch.
26 de abril de 2013
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