The Ultimate Podcasting Guide

How To Podcast

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24 pages
A comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your hit podcast show, this book covers everything from hosting to boasting. Scott shares his expertise, providing much-needed information for podcasting
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About the author

Jason Allan Scott has been voted the most influential in the events industry four times and is the only person in history to make the top 100 nominee list twice for Haymarket Media's Top100 Club. He is the Marketing Director at large of International Special Events Society (ISES) in the UK and Ireland...


  • Welcome soon-to-be-pop-podcaster rockstar!
  • Overview
  1. Naming your podcast
    1. The goal of podcast cover art
    2. The typical podcast browser’s process looks something like this:
    3. Text
  2. Cover art
    1. Graphic elements
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Working titles
    4. Creating content categories
    5. Mapping out your episode topics
    6. Guest brainstorming
    7. Here’s how we typically like to structure our guest outreach emails
    8. Guest outreach
    9. What to include in a guesting outreach e-mail
    10. Guesting outreach
    11. Intros & outros
    12. Source music
    13. Write intro script for voice over talent
    14. Create podcast hosting account
    15. Here are some guidelines on the teaser
    16. Create teaser episode
    17. Set up show and integrate with itunes, spotify, google play, etc 2013 upload and schedule launch episodes
    18. Additional ways to promote
    19. Create social content
    20. Organise a launch contest
    21. Thoughts on contest prizes
    22. Launch promo launch partners
    23. Sponsorships/advertisements (totally optional)
    24. Send guests promotion info
    25. Here’s an overview of those emails
    26. Write & schedule email campaign for your list.
    27. Promote the crap out of the show on launch day!
    28. Some additional ways to promote
    29. Pat yourself on the back< you made it!
    30. Where do i go from here?
    31. Zero risk

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your podcast, this book covers everything from hosting to boasting.
Though they are the fastest-growing form of media, podcasts are actually difficult to create. Few know the secrets of successfully creating a knockout podcast better than Jason Allan Scott. An award-winning host and producer, Scott owns "a podcast company" and has also hosted three successful podcasts, reaching more than a hundred thousand listeners. Now, he shares his expertise, providing aspiring podcasters with crucial information and guidance to start their own audio forum. 

About the author

Jason Allan Scott is a lifestyle entrepreneur that teaches business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs how to make a full time living doing what they love.