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We all need to use productivity software for word processing, to reconcile budgets, or to make presentations.
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I am a printmaker, twenty years into my professional creative practice. I use iWork daily as part of my business administration, to write articles and create teaching materials.

I enjoy the process of concept and design, providing solutions to problems both technical and creative. In my seri...


We all need to use productivity software for word processing, to reconcile budgets, or to make presentations. Apple users have the option to use iWork software, from Apple, to perform these tasks. This is one of three guides that explore the essential features and functions of one of the three applications that make up the iWork Suite. This guide investigates Keynote for Apple’s OSX.

Keynote can be used to create dynamic and engaging presentations. This guide describes ways to assemble and edit content, and then share presentations using a variety of media.

  1. Overview of the Keynote Interface
    1. Keynote’s Interface
    2. The Tool Bar
    3. Customising the Tool Bar
    4. The Format Bar
    5. The Slides Pane
    6. The Master Slides Pane
    7. Presenter Notes Pane
    8. The Inspector
  2. The Media Browser
    1. Adjusting Images
    2. Copying And Pasting Graphic Styles
  3. Creating A Presentation
    1. Planning Processes
  4. Using Themes
    1. Selecting A Theme
    2. Choosing A Slide Size
    3. Selecting A Master Slide
    4. Using Outline View
    5. Pasting Text Into Outline View
    6. Using Light Table View
    7. Adding A Text Box
    8. Formatting Text
    9. Editing Slide Layout
  5. Using Tables And Calculations
  6. Spell Checking And Automatic Text Substitution
  7. Adding Media; Photographs, Movies, Charts And Sound
    1. Importing Graphics And Photographs
    2. Enhancing Photographs In Keynote
    3. Saving Media With Presentations
    4. Reducing Presentation File Sizes
  8. Animation
    1. Using Global Transitions
    2. Using Builds
    3. Using Builds To Reveal Text
    4. Using Builds With Tables and Charts
    5. Creating Interleaved Builds
    6. Actions – Using Smart Builds
    7. Making Animations with Actions
    8. Using Magic Move
  9. Using Hyperlinks To Create Navigation Schemes
  10. Making A Custom Theme
    1. Custom Themes
    2. Choosing Which Master Slides To Use
    3. Making a Title Slide
    4. Making A Photo Master
    5. Creating Image Fills For Slide Backgrounds
    6. Saving And Sharing Themes
    7. Applying Themes
  11. Importing From PowerPoint
  12. Working With Charts And Tables
    1. Importing Charts And Tables
    2. Modifying Chart Data
    3. Modifying Table Data
    4. Animating Charts — Column, Pie, 3D Area
    5. Copying And Pasting Styles
  13. Rehearsing And Delivering Presentations
    1. Reviewing Presentation Using Light Table View
    2. Adding Comments and Presenter Notes
    3. Rehearsal Techniques
    4. Using Remote Controls
    5. Creating Self-Running Presentations
    6. Running Presentations In Kiosk Mode
  14. Running Presentations
    1. System Configurations For Ultra Smooth Playback
    2. Scaling Up Slides
    3. Keyboard Short-Cuts To Control Playback
    4. Troubleshooting Presentations
  15. Sharing Presentation Media
    1. Printing Handouts
    2. Exporting as QuickTime
    3. Exporting PDF
    4. Exporting Images
    5. Exporting to HTML
    6. Exporting to iOS
  16. Conclusion
Offers great information when making a presentation.
May 20, 2013
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