Let’s have a constructive conversation

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This book is part of Project awomansplace, an online conversation. Is a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant or in the boardroom, at the top of the ladder? Let’s have a conversation…
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About the author

Makheni Zonneveld wears many hats. She wears her social activist hat as the coordinator of Project awomansplace and author of this book. She is a diversity guru and the founder of both Real Solutions Training SA and Real Solutions Training Netherlands. (RST)

Finance Directors usually complain...


This book is part of Project awomansplace. The objective is to have an online conversation on the kind of society we want our children and their children to inherit. The focus is on how we can remake our society by remaking the workplace.

We need to change the way society treats women but are solving the right problem?

Is a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant or in the boardroom, at the top of the ladder? Is replacing fifty percent of a few male executives with a few women tantamount to promoting gender equality and empowering women? Should work be a number one priority? Will history judge us harshly for sacrificing our children for the greed that we call ambition. I do not have the answers. That is why I invite you to a conversation.

You can participate by reading the book, following and contributing to the conversation on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and by emailing topic suggestions and questions. If you only want to read the book, I hope you benefit from it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Project awomansplace
    1. Why I initiated the project
  3. Why quotas?
    1. The deadline for MDG targets – 2015
    2. Unintended consequences
  4. Women and financial independence
    1. The pendulum effect
  5. Is the top a great destination?
    1. Does everyone want to be in the rat race?
  6. Is everyone cut out for the top?
  7. Affirmative Action (AA)
    1. Dancing to someone else’s tune? The crux of the matter
    2. What will we achieve through AA for women?
  8. Transformation and Empowerment
    1. The new oppression of women
    2. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater
    3. Are women and men the same?
    4. Mothering is not for sissies
    5. Mummy and daddy outsourced
  9. No one-size-fits-all solution
    1. Mothers who have to work
    2. Mothers who do not have to work
    3. The stay-at-home dad
  10. Values
  11. Conclusion