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Presentation Nervousness to Confidence

Consciously Preparing & Delivering Sensational Presentations

Presentation Nervousness to Confidence
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ISBN: 978-87-403-2665-9
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Sider : 61
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Om bogen

  1. Beskrivelse
  2. Indholdsfortegnelse


Do you now understand why you should want more confidence to deliver your message in a powerful way? Do you see the need and benefit in creating better results through effective communication? Then you have come to the right place! Welcome to this handbook on practical ways to build communication confidence and create measurable results.

Whether you want to:

  •  Get your message across more effectively
  •  Sell more, with less effort and fewer returns
  • Brainstorm with others and create better, together
  • Resolve conflicts effectively and completely
  • Comfort someone in need or satisfy a dissatisfied customer
  • Lead others towards your desired goal

About the author

After a successful career in international sales and marketing management Kurt Larsson founded Expanding Understanding 20 years ago to train professionals in the effective use our most powerful communication, tool our bodies. Accruing a wide range of international sales experience – from automobile tires to retail banking systems in over 20 countries – he is also a proficient executive coach and workshop leader as well as an International Body Harmony Teacher of nearly twenty years. His specialty is the Language of our bodies and how we can consciously use it to increase sales, attract people to follow your lead, serve customers better and create more team spirit.

He leads workshops, seminars and coaches in Sensational Presentation Technique, Courageous Selling Strategies, Sensational Customer Service, Exposition Excellence, Sensational Leadership and Building team-spirit. All of his work is focused on the conscious and efficient use of your body language and emotions to communicate powerfully and attract more loyal business.

In his Sensational Soft Skills Toolbox series, Larsson shares both new and timeless tips, tricks, and tools he’s assembled during his thirty years of sales, management, training, and coaching. His goal is to help leaders learn those soft skills needed to succeed by communicating more powerfully, yet with less friction. “Sensational Presentation Skills” was his first offering that capitalizes on his experience of training hundreds of people to present better using conscious body language. This book is his second. He currently lives outside of Stockholm, Sweden with his family and loves to travel.

Visit his website:

Learn more on Youtube:


  • Preface
  • Disclaimer 
  • Introduction 
  1. Conquering your Presentation Fears 
    1. Purpose of This Handbook: 
    2. Practice makes perfect 
  2. What makes us nervous and afraid? 
    1. Distinguishing fear from excitement 
    2. The Excitement/Fear Test 
    3. Responsibility 
    4. Confidence 
  3. Basic Skill Number One: The Authenticity of Presence 
    1. Training, Programming and Conditioning versus Presence 
    2. The Key to your being present 
    3. Presence or distance, it’s always your choice 
  4. Basic Skill Two: Inspired Breathing 
    1. Breathing amplifies feeling 
    2. Pain or pleasure 
    3. We are wind instruments 
    4. Simple inspirational breathing tips 
    5. Summary: Express yourself fully through inspired breathing 
  5. Basic Skill Three: Express more and stress less by serving 
    1. Pure Service, a transparent Win/Win 
    2. Question and Serve, your best defense 
    3. Question more, serve better 
  6. Basic Skill Four: Unite or Separate 
    1. Unification Tools and Tips 
  7. The Seven Ps of presentation mastery 
  8. Anchor yourself on your own personal platform of service 
    1. Distinguishing platform from goal 
    2. Cornerstones for your platform 
    3. Building your platform, the process 
    4. Platform Example 
    5. Making Mistakes, the critical part of learning 
    6. Transforming a powerful platform into your platform
  9. Checklist of preparation tips 
    1. Before presenting 
    2. Beginning your presentation 
    3. During and After 
  10. Conclusion: Decrease nervousness via presence, inspiration and service 
  • About the Author 
  • Endnotes 

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