Word 2007 Advanced: Part II

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113 pages
In Part II of this series, you will learn about advanced tables, formatting techniques, outlining, templates and forms.
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Über den Autor

Stephen Moffat has been a teacher in one form or another most of his life.

In 1998 Steve completed his studies and qualified with many training qualifications and started IT training for a little known company in the north of England. Restricted by company politics he quickly went freelance...

  1. Section 6 Mailmerge
  2. Section 7 Cross-references
  3. Section 8 Indexes and tables
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Indexes
    3. Citations and Bibliographies
  4. Section 9 Footnotes and endnotes
    1. Using Footnotes
    2. Using Endnotes
  5. Section 10 Reviewing
    1. Track Changes (revision marks)
    2. Reviewing the Changes
  6. Section 11 Objects
    1. Inserting, formatting and deleting Objects
    2. Building Blocks
  7. Section 12 Advanced extras
    1. Autoformat
    2. Macros

Word 2007 is a powerful word processing application that allows users to produce typed documents. These can range from simple letters through to fax cover sheets, reference manuals and sophisticated reports incorporating numbered headings, figures and graphics.