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Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2007
4,5 (61 Bewertungen)
ISBN: 978-87-7681-655-1
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Über das Buch

  1. Beschreibung
  2. Einleitung
  3. Inhalt


In the world of word processing programs, there’s Microsoft Word, and everything else. This iconic tool provides a comprehensive array of tools and features that will help you produce professional-looking letters, newsletters, and other documents. MS Word will even produce HTML code for web sites, so you don’t need a stand-alone HTML program.

MS Word, however, has grown with added features and is now a large and complex word processor that can take months to master. That’s where this free ebook can help! Microsoft Office Word provides an easy-to-grasp explanation of the many functions in MS Word. You’ll learn the easy and correct way to create a document, options for formatting your documents, creating tables, using photos and graphics, creating a table of contents, and getting the most out the indispensable proofing, spelling, and grammar tools.

Microsoft Office Word is the easy and efficient way for you to learn this amazing word processing tool.


Word 2007 is like a typewriter on steroids! In this respect Word is no different from other word processing programs. Since the computer has become a common household and workplace item the typewriter has almost disappeared. Some people might have kept their typewriter, but that is mostly for sentimental reasons.

Nowadays a typewriter is only used when a carbon copy is needed. If you do not need carbon copies, and if you have a personal computer (PC), you might just as well donate the old “chopping board” to a museum.

Compared to the rest of the Office package, Word has in many versions been the most “over-developed” program. Word can do everything you want when it comes to word processing; probably more than you or I will ever need.

This is one reason why there have been very few new features in the latest versions of the program. It has mostly been cosmetic changes to the interface and small improvements of the Spell and Grammar Check. Word has not changed much in Version 2007 either. It is mostly the same both with respect to its strengths and weaknesses.

There are some handy Templates for easy letter writing, and it is also easy to create some impressive graphics to support the text, but it is more difficult to place and text wrapping of pictures, and it can be quite a challenge to place captions. This has always been one of Word’s weaknesses and it is somewhat disappointing that nothing has been done to improve it.

By virtue of its many possibilities, Word is a fairly complicated program, although it is relatively easy to work with. If you have never worked with Word before, you will probably soon find yourself in the wilderness of possibilities the program offers. In his book I will attempt to guide you through that wilderness, so you can learn the things that are necessary for you to use the program effectively.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Screen and its Elements
    1. The Office Button
    2. Quick Access
    3. The View Buttons
    4. The Status Bar
  3. Creating a New Document
    1. Starting on a New Blank Document
    2. Starting a New Document from a Template
  4. Writing and Simple Formatting
    1. Simple formatting
    2. Formatting with Styles
    3. Customising Styles
    4. How to Make a Table of Contents
    5. Page Breaks and some Revision
  5. Page Layout
    1. Margins
    2. Page Setup
    3. Sections
    4. Page Header and Footer
    5. Tabs (tabulators)
  6. Pictures and Graphics
    1. Pictures
    2. Clip Art
    3. SmartArt
    4. Excel Charts
  7. Tables
  8. Mail Merge
    1. Part One - Preparation
    2. Part Two – Retrieving Merge Data
    3. Complete the Merge
  9. Envelopes and Labels
    1. Envelopes
    2. Labels
  10. Proofing
    1. A Few Tip on Spelling and Grammar Check
    2. Thesaurus
    3. Track Changes
  11. Concluding Remarks
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