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Strategic Workforce Management Made Easy

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Strategic Workforce Management is about "Getting the right number of people with the right competencies in the right jobs at the right time". This e-book intends to make SWM easy.
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Strategic Workforce Management is defined as "Getting the right number of people with the right competencies in the right jobs at the right time" (Sinclair & IES, 2004).

You might be interested in Strategic Workforce Management if your organization needs to:

  • Expand rapidly in a market with little unemployment or you need access to competencies that are not currently available
  • Retain high-value specialists or leaders with specific competencies, or you are hiring at a higher cost in a market with scarce resources
  • Manage a downsizing programme.

SWM is as a key part of the strategic business planning process in what regards people management decisions.

About the author

Daniela Rohan, MCIPD, MSc CBT, PCC is an Executive Coach and Personnel and Development Consultant.

A prominent senior HR executive herself, Daniela has experienced and successfully navigated the challenges of the organizational life. She has coordinated, implemented and worked with strategic workforce planning during her human resources career and has seen first-hand the great organizational benefits when business and HR strategies are connected thru strategic workforce management.

Daniela lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  1. About the Author 
  2. Introduction 
  3. About Strategic Workforce Management 
    1. What is Strategic Workforce Management? 
    2. Strategic Workforce Management Concept and Methodology 
    3. Outcome and Benefits of Strategic Workforce Management 
    4. A Recap of Main Points About Strategic Workforce Management 
  4. Principles, Process and Implementation of Strategic Workforce Management Exemplified 
    1. Principles of Strategic Workforce Management 
    2. Strategic Workforce Management Process 
    3. Implementation of Strategic Workforce Management 
  5. Case Study Presentation: Strategic Workforce Management at “Speed World” 

About the Author

Daniela Rohan