Outlook 2007: Part I

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75 pages
Outlook 2007: Part I is one of the great eBooks available to download from our website.
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Stephen Moffat has been a teacher in one form or another most of his life.

In 1998 Steve completed his studies and qualified with many training qualifications and started IT training for a little known company in the north of England. Restricted by company politics he quickly went freelance...


Microsoft Outlook is a software program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It helps the user manage messages, time, appointments, and documents. Outlook integrates a wide variety of tasks in one program with one database, and is especially useful people working in a multi-computer network. This introductory textbook is meant for those who are new to the Outlook program and will can be a reference text for earlier versions of the program as well. It is available as a free e-book download here.

This user’s manual starts with the essentials: the graphical layout of the Outlook environment, navigating Outlook, and basic tasks such as setting up pages and printing documents. It finishes with two detailed chapters on using e-mail within Outlook, and creating and managing contacts. Detailed color screen shots are used for example throughout the text.

Additional information about scheduling appointments with the calendar feature and date navigator, advanced formatting of Outlook tasks, tracking activities with the journal feature, and making use of Notes are found in Outlook 2007: Part II, also available as a free e-book download on bookboon.com.

  1. Section 1 Outlook Essentials
    1. Foreword
    2. Getting Started
    3. Exploring the Outlook Window
    4. Navigating in Outlook
    5. Getting Help
    6. Obtaining Context-Sensitive Help
    7. Printing Documents
    8. Setting Up the Page
    9. Selecting Additional Printing Options
    10. Previewing and Printing a Document
    11. Ending an Outlook Session
    12. Minimizing and Restoring Outlook
    13. Exiting from Outlook and Logging Off
    14. Assignment
  2. Section 2 Communicating with Mail
    1. Using the Inbox
    2. Checking for New Messages
    3. Previewing and Opening Messages
    4. The Ribbon
    5. Selecting and Printing a Message
    6. Closing a Message
    7. Sorting Messages
    8. Filtering Messages
    9. Composing a New Message
    10. Addressing and Typing a Message
    11. Editing Text
    12. Formatting Text
    13. Using AutoComplete
    14. Including an AutoSignature with a Message
    15. Correcting Spelling as You Type
    16. Sending a Message
    17. Forwarding and Replying to Messages
    18. Replying to a Message
    19. Managing Messages Using Folders
    20. Moving a Message to a Folder
    21. Deleting and Restoring a Message
    22. Assignment
  3. Section 3 Organising Contacts
    1. Creating a Contact List
    2. Adding Contacts Manually
    3. Selecting and Editing an Address Card
    4. Transmitting and Adding Contacts with E-mail
    5. Managing Contacts
    6. Changing the Current View
    7. Assignment