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How to build a subscription business

Guide, Inspiration, and cases

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The book contains many examples and 40 cases of successful subscription businesses from around the World.
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Around the World successful subscription-based companies like Netflix, Spotify and Zipcar are winning new markets, and at the same time big companies like Sony, Google and Amazon are heading towards subscriptions as part of their future revenue streams. The subscription revolution is happening!

How can you build your own subscription business or improve the one that you already have? This book will introduce you to the subscription economy and at the same time guide you through the 29 steps of how to build a subscription business.

The book contains many examples and 40 cases of successful subscription businesses from around the World.

About the author

Morten Suhr Hansen is an experienced subscription expert and has held executive positions in subscription businesses in more than 20 years. In 2011 Morten Suhr Hansen founded Subscrybe - a consultancy company that works exclusively for subscription businesses within areas like subscription innovation, acquisition strategies, loyalty building and subscription systems and processes. Subscrybe is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and serves clients in multiple European countries.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why subscription?
    1. Why consumers love subscription businesses
    2. Why companies benefit from the subscription model
    3. Overview 
  3. How to build a subscription business
    1. The seven stages 
  4. Subscription modelling
  5. Subscription systems 
  6. Acquisition 
  7. Customer retention
  8. Customer expansion 
  9. Customer win-back 
  10. Analytics 
  11. Conclusions 
  • Appendix A. Examples of new subscription concepts build using the model in this book 
  • Appendix B. 50 great subscription services
  • References 
  • Endnotes 
A good and necessary book on Subscription development. The 29 Steps towards Subscription Mastery will make a difference in the World of recurring payment. I hope the book will have all the success it deserves.
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About the Author

Morten Suhr Hansen