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Benjamin Sommer
  • Profesionální titul: Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • Země: Norway
  • Počet knih: 3
  • Kontaktovat autora:

Benjamin is a professional agile coach, trainer and innovation mentor. Benjamin is recognized worldwide as an expert in Agile and Scrum and he holds the two highest-level certifications in the field: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) by the Scrum Alliance. He has trained over 1000 students and coached a variety of organizations; small, large, privat, public and government.  

His focus is on helping organizations achieve business agility, make product teams go faster and deliver more value. Benjamin has more than 15 years experience as business developer, management consultant, entrepreneur and investor. Benjamin is now using Lean and agile frameworks in his work with both large organizations and growth stage start-ups. Benjamin is also a published author focusing on business development and Scrum in his writings. He is also trained in Co-active coaching by Coaches Training Institute.

Specialities: agile coaching and training, lean start-up, business model innovation, executive coach and mentor. 

Student quotes:
I really enjoyed the course and I got a ton of value out of it!
Thanks for two very educational days. It was interesting to learn about Scrum in detail.
Thank you for a good and very educational course. I passed the exam!
Hello again, and thanks for the great course. Very steady and good pedagogy.
Hi Benjamin, thanks for a great course!

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