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Working abroad: How to get over the Culture Shock

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About 2/3rd of persons moving abroad are “rejectors”. They are not able to settle, withdraw in a protected environment and after a while return home. A very small minority fully integrates. What about you? Are you able to get passed the Culture Shock?…

Gain success by influencing and persuading

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In the business world, nothing can be achieved without effectively communicating with, influencing, and persuading employers, employees, clients, suppliers, and customers. The most successful business people in the world have mastered the art of influence and persuasion. Take a look at what this art is all about….

Marketing is not only advertising

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When you think about what marketing entails, are you clear on exactly what is included? A good definition of marketing is that it is the full range of activities that you undertake in order to meet your customers’ needs and receive enough value in return for doing so. But there is so much more to learn about marketing…. Featured on BBC News

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Are you interested in what BBC has to say about our publishing house? Then you will be happy to hear that was featured on BBC Click, a show focused on new technologies. Bookboon´s free eBook trend is taking off! Just check it out! [jwplayer file=”″]…