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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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What is World Class Excellence and who has already reached it?

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To achieve long lasting business success calls for one thing and one thing alone, and that is the world class excellence. Only the very few leading edge organisations around the world truly deserve this title. Which organizations we are talking about and what does it take to achieve this title? Read more about this topic here……

A salesperson’s basic hardware

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Being a good salesperson doesn’t take a day. Certain sales skills have to be studied and acquired over time. Do you want to take a look at the general skills that anyone who wants to be a better salesperson should have?…

What do you need to control your career?

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Each one of us has the ability to control the path that our careers take. It requires that we become truly self-aware so that we can identify what our own interests and passions, our strengths and weaknesses, our communication skills, and our job-search skills are. Have you got what it takes to actively manage your career?…

Download input on Microsoft Access

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Explore Microsoft Access with our four new Access eBooks. They provide you with useful tips on how to create a database and on how to best complete database tasks. Read up on tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, printing, ……..