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Goal setting: Smart goals to smash your weekly schedule

Goal settingDo you struggle with keeping up the motivation to achieve the goals you set? This lack of success may be down to the method you are using to set your goals. It’s a new week, a brand new month and a great time to set goals to achieve what you want to. Using SMART goals, you can organise and motivate yourself to make the most of your week every week. (more…)

Creative problem solving: 4 problem solving techniques

Creative problem solvingProblems and conflicts are an inevitable part of every employee’s professional and personal lives. Avoiding conflict is neither realistic or beneficial to individuals or businesses alike. Creative problem-solving, a very in-demand skill among hiring managers, means using techniques and skills to brainstorm and come up with unique solutions to the problems life throws at you. Let’s look at 4 problem-solving techniques to help you manage when conflict comes your way.  (more…)

Soft skills: The top 4 soft skills to put on your CV

soft skills cvSo, you’re looking for a job? No matter the position you’re applying for, your CV will likely be your potential future employer’s first impression of who you are and what you will bring to the position. Of course, it is important to list the technical skills that make you a suitable and relevant hire for the position, but many hiring managers and companies alike are beginning to switch focus and make hiring decisions based less on hard skills but more on the soft skills that make you who you are.  (more…)

Motivation skills for managers: 6 Steps to improve employees’ motivation

motivation skillsThere are many reasons employees might be lacking in motivation and it is up to managers not only to be motivated themselves but also use their leadership skills to motivate their employees. Motivation and inspiration do come and go naturally for everyone but there are a few steps managers can take to encourage and influence staff to remain inspired and motivated in both the short and long-term. (more…)

Project Management: The 7 Most Important Project Management Skills

project management skillsManaging a project from start to finish isn’t a simple task. Project Managers are responsible for the success of a project and achieve this by managing teams, communicating with upper management, delegating, organising and much more. Whether you are new to project management or have been managing projects for years, there are a few key skills that every Project Manager should develop. Here are the 7 most important project management skills: (more…)

Thinking critically in Bangladeshi workplaces: 4 ways to improve critical thinking

critical thinkingAccording to a study by author Thauhida Hussain Rupa, lack of critical thinking skills among Bangladeshi students has a negative effect on their employment prospects and success in the workplace. A strong set of critical thinking skills not only aids young people entering the workplace for the first time but will help anyone throughout their entire career. 

Here are 4 ways to improve critical thinking skills.  (more…)

6 critical skills for new managers

new manager trainingWhether promoted internally or hired externally, employees transitioning to management are met with new challenges, new responsibilities, new relationships and, most importantly new skills. Although there is an unmistakable need for quality training, when it comes to developing the soft skills that are crucial for leaders, new managers are some of the most neglected individuals in business (1). Many companies are just not focused on training the individuals who are meant to be leading their teams. Lack of soft skills training means many managers are not set up for success in their roles with 60% of new managers underperforming in their first two years on the job (2). Investing in soft skills training of new managers is not just crucial to the success of these leaders but of their teams and the organisation as a whole. 

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made and here are 6 essential soft skills that new managers should be trained on.   (more…)

8 vital steps for an easy to use eLearning platform

easy to use learning platformImagine for a moment trying to keep up with the daily tasks of the workplace whilst also investing in your personal development. You’ve set time aside to improve your time management skills using your company’s learning platform. It takes you nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to log in and access the system. Next, it takes you several minutes to find anything related to time management. Now you can’t seem to open the relevant content. Your excitement wavers and you give up.  (more…)

Motivation for managers: 5 reasons employees lack motivation

motivation skillsHaving an unmotivated employee can be bad for productivity, overall morale and communication. An important part of a manager’s job is to keep employees inspired and motivated. But before a manager can motivate an employee to their best level of performance, they must understand what the barriers are that are keeping them from performing at that level already. Here are 5 common reasons employees lack motivation. (more…)

How the Game of Thrones finale will kill workplace productivity and how to beat it

Employers everywhere: brace yourself, absence is coming. The series finale of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones airs Sunday night (or early Monday morning for some of us) and according to a new study, the global workforce will be hit with sick calls and late arrivals harder than The Hound hit The Mountain.  (more…)