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Employee engagement: are we ready?

Self-driven employee engagement is passé. It is now time for employers to be as much concerned about engaging with employees and ensuring that work-life balance ceases to remain a mere rhetoric. Employee engagement can be successful if it is driven by employers. This can lead to an increase in employee motivation, morale and productivity. Driving the wellness agenda of employees can be a significant input for work-life balance.


Postponement Strategy: Towards Greater Operational Efficiency


Shorter product life cycles in the aftermath of globalization have triggered the need for introducing different varieties of products to satiate the demands of a global market. Mass customization as an enabler for business growth benefits from a postponement strategy.  (more…)

Using Service Supply Chain to Improve Business Profitability


Services have led to major structural changes across the global economies in the last decade or so. Besides the advantages that they provide, such as an increased contribution to GDP, an increase in employment opportunities and the stimulation of manufacturing potential, services provide constant and consistent revenues for businesses.  (more…)

Did you know that Disney invented Experiential Retailing?

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What is experiential Retailing?

Retailers are increasingly relying on the shopping experience of customers. The more memorable the experience, the higher the probability that shoppers will come back to the retail store again. This is called as experiential retailing. As part of this effort, retailers are looking at enhancing the in-store experience of customers.


A business is only as good as its employees

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Traditional HRM practices are now giving way to a new discipline called Human Capital Management. There are scholars who insist on treating human beings as capital and there are others who question the logic behind treating human beings as capital – something that may be tangible or may not.
Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple said, “Innovation is about the people you have, how you have been led and how much you get it”. Apple is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world. Therefore, the words from Jobs need to be treated as sanctimonious.

Jay Forrester, discoverer of the Bullwhip Effect

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Jay Forrester is seen as the inventor of the Bullwhip Effect. Nevertheless, he has never craved any attention for his discovery. It was his seminal work on system dynamics that led to path breaking research work on “Information distortion in Supply Chains”, popularly called as the Bullwhip Effect.

This, in my opinion, makes the Germeshausen Professor Emeritus in Sloan School of Management an unsung hero. This is the story of Jay Forrester.