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Author Archives: Stuart Hearn

Stuart Hearn is an HR director with over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources. He currently heads up Clear Review — a purpose-built performance management software system.

How to Provide an Excellent Employee Experience

We have recently covered the growing importance of employee experience, and how it has been touted as the key to organisational success. Now that we’re clear on the benefits it offers, the next logical step is to question how organisations can tweak their existing processes and adapt their performance management tools to create an inspiring employee experience.  (more…)

The Secret to Organisational Success in 2017

HR executives are constantly primed for opportunities to streamline company processes and improve productivity. Recently, it has come to light that employee experience might be the key to organisational success. This is a hot topic for large companies and SMEs alike, but what are the actual business benefits offered by great employee experience?  (more…)