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The importance of uniqueness for 21st century entrepreneurship

Good news for the black sheep. The idea that failing to conform to the norm was considered to be a bad thing has been encapsulated in the phrase ’the black sheep’ of the family or organisation. But uniqueness is now the key to success and the black sheep are queuing up to have their day! (more…)

Blended learning and Bookboon at Dutch ICT service provider KPN 

We had the pleasure to talk to Arco Quist, Senior Business Partner Learning & Development at KPN, about his vision on blended learning, personal development and Bookboon at one of the largest ICT service providers in the Netherlands. (more…)

9 must-read eBooks on leadership

As Vince Lombardi once said “Great leaders are made, they are not born”.  Continuous personal development is a must for any good leader. Here’s a list of 9 must-read eBooks – in no particular order – that will turn good leaders into great ones.  (more…)

Leadership: A definition of 21st century leaders

Leadership definition

With the rise of technology have come new ways of working and a demand for new leadership styles. Kerry S. Campbell looks at the definition of a 21st century leader. (more…)

How do (non-life) insurers measure profitability?

Non-life insurance (also called property and casualty insurance in the USA and general insurance in the UK) typically covers a wide range of insurable events that includes damages to an automobile in an accident and financial loss caused by fire on real property. It also includes third party liability insurance which covers losses caused by a policyholder due to injury of another person and business insurance which covers financial and economic losses arising from property damages, product and professional liability. This list is not exhaustive. (more…)

Talent management: the danger of generic solutions

Many misconceptions exist about the qualities required by someone to be successful. For instance, what do Albert Einstein, Warren Buffet, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Darwin, and Rosa Parks have in common? Of course they are known as leaders who made an impact on their world. Actually, it turns out that they were all introverts as well. (more…)

How can you keep talent on your team?

Talent retention is now a business priority in Zhoushan. Margaret Mackay discusses what entices skilled people to stay.

Photo credit: Jakub Hałun CC BY-SA 3.0 (more…)

What type of culture rules your organisation?

Now a lot of management theorists will talk about organisational culture and as every Frontier Leader knows, to quote the famous management theorist Peter Drucker, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. So what exactly did he mean? (more…)

Why do people experience stress?

Managing stressStress is a natural, physical response to our perceptions of a stimulus. It has an evolutionary purpose: our need to protect ourselves and the innate ‘flight or fight’ aspect of our nervous system. When we were battling for survival, stress is what released the adrenaline that let us fight. So although most of us don’t have to battle our way into the office each morning, the response to stimuli and the stress that results still exist. (more…)

How does anxiety develop and how do we re-enforce it?

Anxiety at workThe causes of anxiety are often complex and difficult to determine. It does seem that some of us have a genetic predisposition to it but it’s also very much about our upbringing – if your mother was nervous, you may have ‘learned’ to be nervous, so it can appear to almost run in families. But your innate personality and temperament will play a large part too, modifying how you respond to your family environment and other external factors. (more…)