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These 3 in-demand soft skills and 1 terrific trait will future-proof your career

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COVID-19 has necessitated a new way of working and learning. The work environment, already vibrant with machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, is now impacted by retrenchment and unemployment brought forth by COVID.

Written by Bookboon Author, Sujitha Jothi

While hard skills like Tech Skills, Business analysis and the like have a premium place in the job market, Soft-skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030, says a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics. While Adaptability, Collaboration, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Curiosity, and the capacity to learn quickly are all important, we present the 3 in demand Soft Skills and 1 terrific trait that will make you irresistible and irreplaceable for any employer.

Creativity, An In demand Skill

2020 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn Learning that looked at the skills that are in demand in relation to the supply of people who have those skills, the skill gap, found Creativity as the top most sought-after soft skill. We saw how companies that were open minded and thought out of the box pivoted while others shut shop unable to brave the COVID crisis.

Our EBook, Digital Detox: My Journey towards Wellbeing, has the tactics to hack creativity. You will learn how to access ideas, inspirations, insights and solutions. Read It Here

Focus, the Currency of Twenty First Century

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist says focus is today’s IQ. Twenty first century is the information age and ours is knowledge economy. Therefore, one who can focus on a task for long time, perform a “Deep work” and come up with a high value killer product is the clear winner. Focus is in demand soft skill that will insure corporate and academic success. Online learning and virtual work have increased our dependence on digital devices. Earlier, we were told to take a break from our digital devices time to time, but now, we are forced to do all our work on the devices themselves and there’s hardly a moment or an excuse to stay away from our devices, which is a breeding ground of distraction. One can performat a peak level when they are focused and have access to “Flow State. Read our Ebook to learn how to hack the brain and attain peak performance

Critical Thinking, the Number 1 in Demand Soft Skill

According to the World Economic Forum, critical thinking is the number 1 skill needed for employees in 2020. To solve problems, we have to ask the right questions, examine the available data and come to a conclusion and that involves critical thinking.  Our EBook, Digital Detox: My Journey towards Wellbeing has strategies to develop thinking capacity.

This Terrific Trait Will Future-Proof Your Career

Highly successful people have this terrific trait: delaying gratification. In other words, impulse control. When we impulsively do things that make us feel good at the present, we act with a short-term perspective and at times, we become addicted to certain habits. Internet use at the time of COVID has come to the point of addiction for some of us, as we have no other outlet as of now.

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