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Workplace wellness: 5 ways to feel happier at work

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how to be happy at work

Did you know it is actually possible to be happy in your job? No, seriously! In fact, according to a 2017 survey, 64 percent of UK workers either like or love their job. And it turns out the majority of people value happiness over pay with 64 percent also saying they’d rather have a poorly-paid job they love rather than a well-paid job they hate. The good news is, not only is happiness at work important, but it’s also achievable. Here are 5 practices you can implement today to start feeling happier at work.

Become a lifelong learner

Even if there is a lot of routine in your job, challenge yourself by seeing how various tasks, methods and skills could be improved. There are always different ways of doing anything – some more efficient than others and learning new skills is one of the best ways to increase your happiness and well-being both professionally and personally. Continuous improvement and lifelong learning should be your aim. 

Improve company culture

The reality is, most of us spend more time with our colleagues than our friends or family, so, it is mutually beneficial to get along with them. Treat your coworkers with courtesy, consideration, trust, and respect and they are likely to do likewise. For most of us, a positive company culture is essential to happiness at work.

Lend a hand

A great way to increase your sense of happiness at work is to feel valued by your company and coworkers. If a colleague’s struggles come to your attention, lend your skills or suggestions to help them get the job done. The simple truth is, we humans tend to feel good when we perform a selfless act and these small gestures go a long way in helping both your colleagues and your own mental well-being.  

Take a break

If you find you are going stale on the job, perhaps it’s time for a holiday or a change of scene. Time off does not have to equate to expensive holidays to exotic destinations. Take some time to spend with loved ones, relaxing and pursuing recreational interests and passions. This will invigorate your attitude when you return to the job. Another way to reignite your passion is a change of scenery. If possible, consider working from home, from a cafe you’ve never tried (providing it boasts a great WiFi connection), a cooperative workspace or even simply from a different desk. The change of scenery will help you drown out some of the daily repetitiveness and bring some more variety to your workday. 

Engage in motivational activities 

Many companies reward and give workers the option of engaging in positive activities designed to enhance well-being and motivation. Whether they are after work socials, team-building exercises or office events, participating in these activities boosts morale, improves culture and has a positive impact on your happiness at work. 

Happiness has important consequences for both individuals in the workplace and for organisations and in the past, its role in the successful operation of a business has been underestimated. But that’s all changing thanks to new information about the benefits of workplace happiness. 

Happy Managers

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