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Creative thinking: 4 essential creative thinking skills

creative thinking skillsInitiative, innovation, and inspiration are essential factors that keep a company moving onwards and upward and they are also all components of creative thinking. Creative thinking is a way of looking at a situation or problem and coming up with unique ideas or solutions to improve or solve it. Creative thinking is becoming an increasingly in-demand skill spanning across industries and, contrary to popular belief, can be learned. Here are 4 creative thinking skills to help you come up with your next groundbreaking idea. 


Brainstorming is the name given to the method of generating new ideas with a group of people. The idea behind brainstorming is to remove inhibitions and judgements so that the individuals within a group can think more freely, build on team members’ ideas to come up brand new solutions that would have otherwise been impossible.


Problem-solving skills give individuals the ability not only to think creatively but to use creativity to solve problems. Creative problem solving is a way of solving problems or identifying opportunities when conventional thinking has failed. Individuals with creative problem-solving skills find fresh perspectives, come up with innovative solutions, and formulate plans to overcome obstacles and reach goals.

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No matter how innovative or creative an idea may be, if you are unable to communicate it, team members, potential clients, and management, will be unable to appreciate it. Good communication skills also involve actively listening to the needs and requirements of the people for whom you are creatively thinking.

Taking risks

None of the most groundbreaking ideas in history could have been possible without the creative, risk-takers who were willing to face challenges and were unafraid to take a chance. Creative thinkers are resilient and know that when exploring new ideas and original ways of thinking, the bravery to leave a comfort zone and face the unknown is essential to success.

Creativity isn’t as black and white as simply being born with it or not. Everyone is capable of creativity and innovative thinking. To learn more about how to tap into your creative side and inspire the innovative thinking of your team members, check out our eBook, Creative Problem Solving here

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Get your creative juices flowing every week with tips, tricks and brand new stats from our weekly newsletter #ThoughtfulThursday.