For many people, networking – and especially face-to-face networking – is a challenging task. It is seen as extremely unpleasant to be forced out of your comfort zone and to have to approach people you do not know. On the other hand, most people know instinctively that exciting opportunities might open up to them if they had the courage to go for it. 

We all love to be successful and networking offers a host of genuine opportunities. However, networking is not about developing as many relationships as possible or handing out large quantities of business cards. Networking is about adding quality to the relationships you choose to enter.


HOW to strike gold with the right networking

We tend to associate with people we feel are similar to ourselves. This is only natural because it guarantees acceptance and understanding. But sometimes it is of great value to be offered new challenges.

Search for networks and network contacts that are different from you. Sometimes it is a good idea to move up the hierarchy.

If you want to be wise, look for wise people. If you want to be rich, look for rich people. If you want to be a great business person, look for great business people.

People who are at the cutting edge of what they do have gained knowledge and experience from which the rest of us can benefit. That will prevent lots of unnecessary mistakes.

If you want to join a business in which people earn a lot of money, it could be helpful to have an insight into this environment so that you know what to expect should you end up there yourself.

In other words, court the best people so that your network is in place when you achieve your goals.

It is often called much easier than you would expect to get to know so-called inaccessible people. Contact them. There is nothing to lose by trying. At worst, you will fail to land the contact.

Don’t forget: If you want to be rich, move to the centre of wealth. If you want power and influence, make yourself visible at the centre of power.


BE practical with your networking

  1. Who are your heroes, in relation to your goals? Find two ‘inaccessible’ people in your town or region.
  2. How do you plan to contact them?


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