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What Can Mindfulness Do For Me?

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That’s the question, isn’t it? But what mindfulness can do isn’t just about the personal, it’s also about the professional and about society too! 

Mindfulness is something so simple, yet so far-reaching and profound. It’s both the universal and the particular. Don’t let that put you off though, because in this series exclusive to Bookboon I have told you the whole story and told you as it is, with an elephant’s sufficiency of practical tips and takeaways thrown in for good measure.


Summary of published articles:


What is Mindfulness?

– We looked at what mindfulness is, but more importantly at what mindfulness isn’t & it may surprise you. We uncovered Uncover Mindfulness and saw how small changes can help you to zoom in rather than zone out.


Mindfulness & The Brain: You’re Smarter than You Think!

– The science bit, but nothing heavy. Simply put we saw why & how mindfulness works. Why the brain is smarter than you think and how mindfulness makes it all happen.


Mindfulness & Our Children: Educating For the Future!

– Schools kill creativity and how do we prepare a child starting school today for a world where they are still going to be in some sort of job in 2070. Mindfulness could just be the answer, teaching children how to think about learning, how to be resourceful, resilient & emotionally intelligent.


Mindful Living: It’s as Easy as A, B, C…

– Top tips on how to live a mindful life: how to be more patient and more tolerant; how to give your full attention to everything you do and how not to sweat the small stuff.


s Mindful Leadership the Right ‘Leadership’ for Today’s World?

– Is it possible to be a mindful leader? Most certainly and we looked at the key changes and steps you need to take. It gives you just the tools you need to face that Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous World.


It’s Official: Mindfulness Boosts Business Performance!

– Mindfulness has been called the new secret weapon in the Boardroom, giving business leaders greater potency and helping their employees be less stressed, more engaged, more productive. One multinational company reported +147% higher earnings per share following the introduction of an in-house Mindfulness programme.


Can You Be a Mindful Coach?

– Coaching is about listening and helping others to develop, learn and perform better, right? Mindfulness allows you to look at the world with fresh eyes and a free mind, &, enables a coach to hone their mind to be sharp, focussed and aware.


Mindfulness: The Compassionate You

– “Even in the midst of Winter I find within myself invincible Summer” – Albert Camus. Find out why this is Mindfulness in a nutshell.


Mindfulness Summed Up

– We ended where we began, but with a new understanding and loads of fresh insights that brought us to the Five Steps to a Mindful Revolution!

Have fun reading these blog articles on mindfulness!

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