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Mindfulness Summed Up

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As our journey Uncovering Mindfulness begins to draw to an end in this exclusive series I want to set-out the “5 steps for a mindful revolution”.


Investing in our future

I believe that happiness and wellbeing are critical for future economic and social success: they are as important to a nation as GDP.

Also, I believe that we need to be investing as early as possible in bringing mindfulness to our young, in order that they may grow-up to become independent, productive, happy and fulfilled adults.


A virtuous circle

I believe that by introducing and making mindfulness accessible and doable, we can create a ‘Virtuous Circle’.


  1. let’s make mindfulness a key part of maintaining wellness and promoting wellbeing and well doing &
  2. let’s ensure that day-to-day happiness is at the heart of every policy decision and social system and enterprise.

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A mindful revolution

  1. Let’s begin to change the story one conversation, one innovation, one leap of faith at a time.
  1. Let’s give common humanity, compassion and collaboration real weight and value; &
  1. let’s proactively live it without words, just allowing it to be part of who we are – right here, right now!


A compelling case

Those are five steps to address and counter a compelling case for why we need mindfulness. For example, in the UK alone:

  • Absences from the workplace because of stress cost the UK economy around £23B p.a.
  • 105M working days are lost each year, costing UK employers some £1.24B annually
  • 75-90% of all visits to the GP are stress-related
  • 9M Britons are currently taking some form of anti-depressant
  • The World Health Organisation predicts that Mental Illness will overtake Heart Disease and Cancer to become the biggest take on the global health budget by 2030


A V.U.C.A world

Is this surprising when you consider the kind of world we now live in?

  • We spend on average 9 hours a day on screens, tablets and other mobile devices, which is longer than most of us spend asleep each night
  • We check our phones on average +150 times a day
  • 1-in-4 of us even admit to checking a mobile device whilst having sex
  • By 2020 there will be 50B connected devices world-wide


Turn up the brightness switch

So start practicing mindfulness for as little as five minutes a day and begin to enjoy:

  • increased ability to relax and improved sleeping patterns
  • reduced levels of stress
  • improved relationships
  • greater concentration & focus
  • increased mental and physical resilience
  • greater creativity
  • heightened emotional intelligence and increased feelings of gratitude, compassion, happiness & kindness


What’s stopping you?

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