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Mindfulness: The Compassionate You

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And wellbeing, well doing & wellness are really what it's all about.
Wellbeing, well doing & wellness are really what it’s all about.

Mindfulness can help you to feel happier because daily practice enables you to appreciate things more and in turn feel grateful. 


Gratitude precedes happiness

And that’s important because, to be able to feel true happiness, you must first feel gratitude.

Left to its own devices the mind is highly subjective. It will spin how we see things on a very basic level depending on what it’s decided we need from a particular situation.

Whilst our New Brain which is responsible for imagination, planning, analysing, ruminating and integrating keeps encouraging our mind to turn things over and over.

It also questions, revisits and relives the past for us and worries what the future might bring. No wonder so many of us feel unusually tired and constantly wired at the same time.


Try not to overthink

We can drive ourselves crazy with overthinking, but we’re hard wired to do it and then we act impulsively. However, the daily practice of mindful breathing brings with it clarity, provides some space between thought and action and gives us a whole different way of looking at the world.

It enables us to become aware of being aware and to make it our intention to pay our full attention, moment by moment.
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Attention in the moment 

If you begin to practice and incorporate Mindfulness into your life, it will enable you to focus, acknowledge, embrace and really become aware of and give sufficient attention in the moment. Both to the little and not so little things in your life.

Wellbeing and Wellness naturally flow from an increased sense of individual vitality that you will get as you engage in more meaningful activities and feel a heightened sense of relatedness with others.


Positive emotions build resilience 

These new and positive emotions will also turbo-charge your mental stamina and sharpen your emotional intelligence, enabling you to see new possibilities and become anti-fragile i.e. a “rubber ball’ able to bounce back from adversity.


Widen your circle of Compassion

“We need to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty” – Albert Einstein

Compassion is not weakness. It is strength and mindful living and the daily practice of mindful breathing can help to recognise and accept that compassion towards oneself can lead to an increased sense of happiness and wellbeing.

And wellbeing, well doing & wellness are really what it’s all about – for you, for me, for society.

Chapters 4 and 6 of my eBook look in greater detail at resilience, compassion, emotional intelligence and gratitude and how mindfulness works to strengthen these and overall wellbeing.


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