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Change your life by adjusting your body language

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The more you work with body language training the more you will become aware of how much information is available to observe and use. If you want to better read someone’s body language or if you are realizing how much unconscious information you are broadcasting, you will be happy to read that there really are very few secrets.

For instance, learning to read body language allows you to:

  • More accurately sense the amount of truth in what is being presented
  • Become more conscious of your own stress and tension other people are experiencing
  • Better understand the behavior patterns of persons with whom you are dealing
  • Customize a response more easily understood
  • Create powerful “agreements that stick” anchored in common sense.

”Policy (and unconscious behavior) Replaces Life”

Being conscious allows you to experience life up close and personal. By practicing reading body language of others, you will become painfully aware of your own body language, especially when it is not in alignment with what you are saying or thinking. The mysteries of why you have a headache, an irritated stomach or yet another bad night’s sleep will begin to reveal themselves. It will become unavoidably apparent that certain behavior patterns are often in direct conflict with certain values you say you represent. By becoming a student of non-verbal communication you begin to better notice the dis-ease of someone who is acting outside of her own integrity. Be also aware that nowhere will the consequences of your ability to read body language be more apparent than when you look in the mirror. That’s the bad news.

The best “AHAAA” usually starts as an “Oh S%#T!”

There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.

Patrick Collard

The good news is that you have now become conscious of what your body has been expressing all along. Congratulations! Now you can begin doing something about it.
If up to now you have been behaving, for example, by doing the following:

  • Being polite and biting back the choice words you so desperately wanted to say
  • Enforcing a policy that you know is counterproductive to the people affected
  • Achieving a goal you desired by ignoring the objections and pleas of colleagues
  • Selling something that is inferior to or more expensive than your competitors’ products

With this revelation of what your body language is actually revealing you now a have choice:

1. Ignore all this new input and keep behaving how you have habitually trained yourself to do.
2. Adjust your behavior, minimize your dis-ease and create more harmony.

1. Ignore it.

Knowing what is causing your dis-ease and still trying to consciously to suppress or avoid the behavior causing it costs lots of energy and will only add to that dis-ease.

2. Adjust it.

Consciously changing or adjusting how you respond to the situation may not be politically correct, but you can begin plugging some very leaky holes in your own metaphoric boat the ”HMS Integrity”. Many people actually feel they have more energy once they make this choice. Yet be aware that taking a stand is hardly ever an easy decision. You are then literally asking for a confrontation with those in power.

It is impossible to get someone to understand something
when their paycheck depends upon them not understanding it.

Aldous Huxley

Yet, what if taking a stand based upon being a person of integrity in the face adversity is the very essence of leadership?
What if this is the path to sustainable and conscious business practices?
What if you may start sleeping better too?

Conscious body language

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